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What Was YOUR First Concert?

Hola Bitcholas, My daughter is going to the Taylor Swift concert tonight. She's 7-and-a-half and this will be her first concert. While I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift or her music, I recognize that she's a f**king juggernaut and, frankly, my daughter loves Swift. So, this will be her first concert... Read More

Childhood Home Of Van Zant Brothers Named "Heritage Site"

Thanks to the efforts of a local (Florida) entrepreneur, the boyhood home of the singing Van Zant Brothers ( Ronnie , Donnie , and Johnny ) has been afforded "heritage site" status in their hometown of Jacksonville in honor of the brothers' "prodigious contribution to the world of rock music." A... Read More

Ignorance Is Bliss...?

If ignorance is bliss, the womanI guess is all depends on your point of view. I'm probably not a good baromiter for something like this, because there's no way in the world anyone could ever offend me. But this just seems ridiculous to the point of absurdity. The computers really are taking over!!... Read More

Words Born The Same Year You Were

This is great use of the internet (if your intent is to waste time...and mine almost always is): There's a tool on Merriam-Webster's website that lets you see what WORDS came into being the same year you were born. So if (like me) you were born in '72, you'll... Read More