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Classic Rock

Become a Text-aholic with KGON

Got a cell phone? Good, so do we.

Text much? So does KGON. Fill in the information below and you will
begin receiving some very important information from your friends at
KGON directly on your cell phone as a text message!

No, this is not some crazy type of black magic, just another simple way for KGON to shoot you
some quick info about concert announcements, contests, and maybe a great coupon or
special offer you can take advantage of. We'll try not to send you more than two messages
per week and you can stop these messages at any time without hurting our feelings.

Text the keyword SONGS to 55013 to find out the last 3 songs played on KGON.
When you become a KGON Text-aholic, you will have access to exclusive
contests that only text-aholics can enter! And, if you sign up to receive concert
alerts from us, you'll find out who's coming to town and how you can win tickets
before anyone else! No really, you will!

We're just getting information about upcoming summer concerts coming to
Portland and the Northwest, so now is the perfect time to sign up to receive
breaking concert news sent straight to your phone.
Text the word CONCERTS to 55013 now!

To get text reminders sent straight to your phone
approximately 10 minutes before each time the code word is
announced, text VIP to 550103! When you join the VIP database,
you'll receive up to 3 text messages a day, message and data rates
apply, text stop to stop and help to help.



Only sign up for what you want to receive. Not interested in contests? No problem.
Just sign up to receive concert info and that's what we'll send you. And we'll never
accidently text you at 2am and ask you for a ride home from the bar like your nephew does.
Only the good stuff from 92.3 KGON, Portland's Classic Rock Station!

Standard text message rates apply, check with your carrier or just spring for that
unlimited text plan your kids have been bugging you about. Oh, and don't text while
driving. Or while drinking.
Both can be hazardous to your health and the health of others, and one of those is actually illegal.
Rock on! *Message and data rates may apply.* You'll recieve up to 3 text messages per week. T
ext STOP to quit. Text HELP for help.  Click here for KGON terms & conditions.

First name (required)

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Mobile Phone (required)

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Gender (required) Male Female


Sign me up for the following lists:

  • CONCERTS - KGON Concert info
  • CONTESTS - KGON Contest info
  • PERKS - KGON PERKS, special offers and coupons





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