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Dave Scott
92.3 KGON, Portland's Classic Rock Station

Concert Dave on Dawn of the Dead!

(From a press release found on In 1968, Bob Weir wrote a lyric that defined the Grateful Dead's history: "The bus came by and I got on, that's when it all began." The bus was Ken Kesey's, and it was called "Furthur."

Since 1994 KGON has been greeting the Sunday morning daylight with the sounds of the Grateful Dead. In its current incarnation,  "Concert" Dave Cameron hosts KGON's own Grateful Dead hour Sunday mornings at 8am. Join us for news, rumors and the ever-lovin 'Tapers' Section every week!
They say that no news is good news...

There are places to go on the Web to cater to your Dead needs. The experienced NetHead will likely be quite familiar with most of these, but if you've only recently "gotten connected" then these sites may be a blessing, so go check 'emout:
      "Speaking of long strange trips, the runner-up YAWN for "Interplanetary Evangelism" goes to, where it's noted that "the music never stops." DeadRadio broadcasts music of the Grateful Dead twenty-four hours a day in RealAudio 3.0. And as if that weren't enough, beginning in March, the site will broadcast every Thursday night tapes from a Dead show in its entirety. They're working on a collection of related cool links. In the meantime, enjoy the tunes. And remember, in order to hear the music you'll need a couple things: a Pentium PC or PowerMac equivalent, a sound card, RealAudio 3.0, kind veggie burritos and a mean mix of falafel. Patchouli optional." (Found on a recent Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week mailing.)
      The OFFICIAL Dead page. (We couldn't very well get away with NOT listing this one, could we?)
      The homepage of David Gans, host of the nationally syndicated Grateful Dead Hour, reads remarkably like a resume but has plenty of info and links.
      Bill Weir (no relation!) has created a pleasant Dead Zone.


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