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Bill Prescott
Dave Scott
Bill Prescott Iris Harrison Dave Scott

Bill Prescott Classic Rock Mornings

Monday - Friday 6a - 9a

Weekday Mornings from 6-9am, KGON plays long sets of your favorite Classic Rock with plenty of that signature Bill Prescott zany-style in between!  

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Iris Harrison

Monday - Friday 9a - 2p

92 Minute Music Marathon: Every weekday at 9am Iris kicks-off the 92 Minute Music Marathon 92 minutes of non-stop, commercial free, classic rock favorites with no interruptions.


My 3 Songs: At 12:20pm, it's time for My 3 Songs, when Iris plays three songs that have some kind of connection. It could be something in the lyrics, or title, or the bands. If you figure out the connection between the songs and are the right caller, you'll win a prize! Note: on Tuesday you'll have to be quick because it's My 2 Songs...Twofer Tuesday rules! Click here to see what Iris is giving away this week.

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Dave Scott

Monday - Friday 2p - 7p
A former musician turned air talent; Dave Scott has been riding the air waves for the last 40 years.  He made his Portland radio debut in 1990 as part of the Dave and Tom morning show on KGON.  They are perhaps best known for the week they lived on the roof of the Clackamas Fred Meyer in a tent, during some of the stormiest weather of the year, to help raise a ton of food for The Oregon Food Bank.  

14 years ago he moved over to KINK FM and in 2008 the Oregon Association of Broadcasters named Dave and Sheila in the morning “Best Morning Show of The Year”.  He has interviewed everyone from Paul McCartney to Russell Crowe and even flew to Haiti to help build homes after the earthquake.

Interestingly, when the rigors of waking up at 2AM began to take its toll, Dave’s search for a healthier lifestyle brought him full circle to KGON.   Just like the Hotel California, you can check out…but you can never leave!
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Get The Led Out

Join KGON every night at 8pm for "Get The Led Out".

Weekdays at 7:40pm tune in for the KGON Club Calendar - supporting live, local music and musicians in the Portland Metro area.

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