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Classic Rock
Posts from November 2014

Iris talks to the creator of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Paul O'neill

Many of us rock fans say that a band’s music, or a song, had the ability to change our lives.  The lyrics, the melody, the feeling somehow connected with our soul and changed us from that point.  That’s how music is for me.  It’s not just a song, it’s that connection with my soul.  So, when I say Trans-Siberian Orchestra changed my life, I’m not kidding.  After several years having difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit, because of losing family members, or illness, TSO brought it the Christmas spirit all back to me.  For that I’m forever grateful to Paul O’neill, the creator and mastermind behind T.S.O.  I had the pleasure to speak to Paul earlier this Fall, and we talked about the new show “The Christmas Attic,” the band’s trip to Germany and doing a New Year’s show for 2 million people, the new recording studio, and how much he values his road crew and Al Pitrelli, the musical director for T.S.O.  I love them all.  Click here, and I hope you enjoy the interview.  ~Iris
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Joe Lynn Turner and Carmine Appice

The combined talents of bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow and Vanilla Fudge have joined forces on a new album.  Find out more about the new album from "Rated X"
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