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KGON'Sider- Amy


Amy Mail

Email sent last night to team at 11pm. Almost verbatim but it's a little more colorful here because I'm allowed to and because I can add pictures more easily. I seriously couldn't make this up if I tried.

Mr. Burns, Krebs, Alicia, Bob B, and Jeff A,

As if this day could get any better- Jake and the kids were in a car accident after the Blazer game last night. Kids complaining of back and neck pain, their dad is too but he's sissy and has a long neck, so I'm taking them both to urgent care first thing in the am as we certainly can't compromise mister and missy sporty sport sports and their illustrious middle school sports careers.
The KGON truck is back in the lot, keys in purse. For those of you just tuning in, I broke down in the monster truck on Barbur last night and waited a freezing 45 minutes for tow dude to arrive.

After blocking traffic for an hour and watching the oldest man alive run over the flares, we made it back to the station, not safely I might add, and I then happily paid the $109 towing bill out of my own pocket. Sarcastic voice.

If I find out someone accidentally put gas in it yesterday instead of diesel, I may not be responsible for my actions and certainly not for what comes out of my mouth. Alicia- please triple/quadruple check with D. Skip the wrath of Amy part. Krebs- please call "your guy" and let us know when they are coming for the truck. 
I'm pissed, I'm cold, and I'm not nearly drunk enough for this sh*t.
In all seriousness, health of my babies is always my priority.
See you tomorrow.




Side notes and the rest of the story: I called the towing company we have a contract with, meaning the tow would be direct billed to Entercom and not come out of my very opposite of deep pockets, and the jerk that answered said they had no trucks in the area. Crickets. Ok great, I'm thinking, aloud, so is there like a waiting period, you can send someone soon, are you going to ask if I'm in a safe place? Crickets. Click. I will do everything in my human power to ensure we drop this company immediately. No tow trucks on the west side, I get it. Busy night, I get it. Throw a sister a bone here and at least inquire about my safety? Chivalry is dead. And so is our business relationship with said towing company, and I am being uber-nice and not disclosing the name of this company but rest assured, they are neither fast, affordable, NOR reliable.]

Gigantic thanks and praise to the 5th towing company I called, A and B Towing and Recovery 503.233.5189, and the ONLY one available to tow my huge truck out of the middle of a driveway on Barbur. The sweet lady that answered was more than concerned for my well being, I didn't even name drop KGON or offer concert tickets- yet- and this woman was on the radio with her crew, getting me a wrecker quicker than a cruise ship captain abandons ship. I swear on my life, the tow truck guy Gary (awesome dude), was there to my rescue as soon as I hung up the phone.

Did I mention it was 39 degrees and I was freezing my ass off? If you can just picture me for a moment, sitting in the truck, half blocking traffic, trying to call tow truck companies, trying to call Krebs to come rescue me, post the play by play on facebook, listen to Primetime, and fielding about 20 text messages from T about her headache and sorry but she can't go to the game tonight, can someone else pick up her tickets at will call, so sorry but I don't feel good blah blah blah until I finally responded, T- I'm sorry you don't feel good. I'm broken down on the side of the road in a monster truck that says KGON all over it, blocking traffic and freezing my ass off, and I don't feel good. I don't give a crap about your Blazer tickets. Bye Bye. Meanwhile, my doctor calls about my upcoming torture appointment as I quickly try and calculate how many pain killers I have left ..... Can you feel me right now? Can you? Can you feel the rage oozing from my pores?

Instead of continuing on and on when most of you stopped reading already because I'm so "wordy" probably anxiously awaiting the youtube version, here are the additional highlights:

1. The tow truck was smaller than the truck to be towed.
2. God Bless Gary for even attempting!
3. At one point after we went over a bump, Gary looks at me and says, Is the truck still attached?
4. Gary arrives, I pop the hood and he asks me how to open it. I'm like, dude, you're driving a tow truck and I'm wearing a short skirt and black boots. How the hell should I know.
5. Sitting inside warm tow truck, apparently chivalry is not dead with Gary, and watching traffic try and navigate around the flares, well, most of them made it around the flares, the oldest dude alive just drove right over them, was actually kinda fun. Lots of idiots out there. Gary concurs.
6. The kids are fine.
7. D swears he put diesel in it and I believe him. I'm going to check the receipt just in case.
8. I was reimbursed the $109.50 for towing this morning. After my rent check bounced last night.
9. I am going to send a thank you note to A and B towing. Good people.
10. When we got back to the station, Glynn Shannon was just leaving and he laughed at me. Buttface.


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01/24/2012 12:53PM
Amy Mail
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01/27/2012 11:20AM
So, are like the company Cr@p magnet, everything seems to happen to you! John S
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