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Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Well, it's sort of the end of summer. I know it isn't officially over until September 21st, but this weekend is sort of the last big event before school kids go back to classes, college students on the West Coast head back to dorms, and mom and dad breathe a sigh of thanks. Have a great time camping, hanging out, bar-b-cuing, golfing, watching football...whatever it is that you do. I used to have this "Endless Summer" poster on my basement wall when I was 15.  That was pretty much how I wanted to live.  On the beach having a good one.  That poster is worth a crapload of money now.  The artist himself, John Van Hamersveld, told me that there were very few really well preserved copies of the best selling original poster around.  He also did the album cover art for a little Rolling Stones effort called "Exile on Main Street" which happens to be my favorite Stones album of all time.  If I had only saved that Endless Summer poster when we moved from that house on 19th street in Pacific Grove.  Sigh.  I only have "Meatfest" on my calendar for the weekend. It's a party that Concert Dave throws every year and yes, grilled protein is definately on the bill. Of course we've even seen vegetarians bring boca burgers to grill, so there's not a meat requirement for the event. Of course Labor Day was created for a celebration and regard of the working person. It was established during the administration of Grover Cleveland. I think with the current unemployment crisis, that just having a job is something to celebrate. I thank my blessings daily that I love my job! There are plenty of jobs that are truly thankless, and to anyone working these...a BIG THANK YOU for doing the unthinkable. I found some sites that have funny, weird, or awful jobs so I'm sharing them with you here: This is a funny picture display of bad jobs. Here's a link to bad jobs that pay well. Here's a link to the most bizarre and dirty jobs that I never even thought of. HAPPY LABOR DAY!  Enjoy the Block Party!

09/03/2010 8:38AM
Happy Labor Day Weekend!
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