08-15-17 Seg 3 - The Mens Room Loves Their Pooch

Tuesday, August 15th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Soundtrack Songs! Plus What You Don't Need to Know has Things Your Dog Hates! And the Shot of the Day


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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls down right out and mentor friend Klestil loan that's right folks what you got something primary a lot like this imagine cleaning blacks that's right folks just run homer and then rich and I'm for clean fresh feeling that yeah. So change your life lol yeah. Every song and dance and I'm going there and really nasty dirty clothes aren't in danger of savings. And. Works every time. Why they're called. Strange behavior and of course we're. All benefiting deceive their foundation and the Fisher house. Yeah don't stuff for less money hoax to only fifteen months and Jordan and now homes and my staff my. Ordering him. This is the men's tour. I'll play alive we have good because of their offensive whatever please know that we domain and where we're just seriously asking you questions based on the fact that you have it's an inch penis and now you don't anymore and Mauer really kind of hung up on that continue did you did you think he has good ideas at a macro Perino let me what can you use I think for. So outdated Edmonton he had gone now should not take any interest rules. Okay thank you I saw content they added that. But I doesn't look good well we want to again thank you get it on the so. And 88 shrink to about. Maybe I think you're dead and its biggest and sad parting hum. Okay now I'm gonna ask how weird is that I mean it does Amanda in Bergen friends cousins a woman that's farm and also. You had to pay industry alive and then you're doing what you're doing and somebody does things are shrinking I mean. Just are you glad it's working that that the non I mean there are you more like all right this things finally work consists Kagan might as well drugs. Yeah honestly I never really cared for out when it. Illustration I'm like okay that the. What isn't right I mean so you know you're married you have a wife and said look I'm gonna do is transition is obviously into the bold thing to look. So we'll get a haircut and they did in recent or fewer new purpose and this is entirely different so Imus or your wife is still with him now. And how do you we need to sit down over generalizing a pass assault oh by the way and entrance as huge a woman I mean what is how does that conversation go. So before I hit even not. I have the conversation whether she had told me like could you ever decides transition I would have to leave you light jet had to operate comet so when I. They are great attitude Allen already ready currently. I told as I my. They they're early and then to my inspiration came back and she's been 100% important. Never does then and now look I'm just gonna save lives and wires we have I don't know which is so enormous that attendance species still unrealized do you guys here at age ten and pain than hurdles bold undertaking giveaway from our. Did you not only if you can't tell you guys who have sent sexual intercourse with a with. Quote not you don't have to aren't amused Obama doesn't have a lot of sexual intercourse that have nothing involves. How does take care no. So we tried. Just found her her say but she Larry says she can't even Q anymore what he did so one thing and then go to another. Just because you know she's thrown hot dog down a hallway before man like old home all packed full of people I've been keeping. It it yeah if that. Well you know what that's that's that's interest in what what is the final is this the beginning process are you gonna keep your downstairs part send. Or what what's next for you. Honestly gone. My ancient whenever you did I feel I've covered this surgery get out I'll do it tomorrow is my patients covered it. Jason you can go and and and what would be the cost out of pocket for you. Other than five seems. You're. It is a it's unclear what. I'm I'm actually stung the with that little. All of these these desert country did you didn't go to that you feel comfortable. Oh with the care and the procedure and all that that's not as expensive as the United States. Tom Thailand actually went. We have as one could eat as surging new world in my opinion it over there. We could go for the beautiful beaches and mean it. And actually get a decent she procedure the same time it would work. So one wouldn't you think got to wonder when is the transition done when and I know it's based on insurance and all that and what your target date for target. I would say Marty Diana I mean I think adding 100. And then being ill Turks ask. Two years really and the only problem is I've been waiting on. On this thing. And I know yet heard about. Presidents trumped tweet I'm all active duty military. So how does that make you right because you're lucky enough but against drunk he is who yeah lose the media selected him and areas but here's a guy. Because he's entitled to enrich and just like Ted Nugent adults all the smack him Dick Cheney and all its own people there range they got deferred. You have guys that they were called into service and found a way to avoid it. And enemy and these will be able to speak out and or made some kind of decision about military policy which to look outnumbering military. But if I got called joint military is what I would have done that because thus my civic duty. Now when hundreds poured doesn't that's what I would do but when bad said. I don't make decisions about how the military operates here you are active duty. Doing what you do perjure live from Liam for whatever congress determines there issue is was someone else right. So this news comes on 1234 weeks ago Rabelo was. How does that affect you do is it something that you had to acknowledge and a military like you have to go to. I don't your commanding officer like hey man I mean in my in my outcomes are working the sport wants statements made. So it's okay this I'm not doing anything about our. President. I had. A very. Positive reaction in my two man decided hey just let you know. All of keeping the same in some actual I didn't come down. And. Don't worry I won't even on tour of duty before. I guess that's how many. I just want to destroy the talent he's got a long rebounds were still don't share or nine months and I understand. And Karen thank you. Tasker is wrong way drunk decide that you can surf. How you doing man are you you're still active military and okay and what would so what's the policy now than they just want to be quieter what's what's the what are your what your friends saying that you know I mean that Brad not higher ups that you know and images and just keep quiet and no Motorola. Still I'm. Via Twitter. Official. Policy. But right now it's all right I know. Nothing's changed until. Be actual. Still blowing. This sort of built into the command. Until White House sent I mean to be Pentagon's command and Andy did you get the politics. I'm very limited wanted to buy their product that is not a whole lot of thought LeBron thinks you're gonna be a OK I believe me and kind based on Twitter couldn't. As I got a gig but I don't know many good wages at 3 o'clock in the morning that you don't I just got to keep your eyes and ears field on Twitter there Lawrence is found and held on. And the military and need to back grant come we went okay. Look if you're just joining the program alarm on two drugs a day that would be below us the we've had so far from our callers can grab the less about the reason I drugs is it. Just antennas famous man I'm a little bitter about that Al Micah if you had intended famous and get removes those every one of his or her friend dean. I don't really meant absolutely I'm waiting for my attendance payments it is not a right what is the deal they can put five inches on me. Instead he's elevated table on off did you surely there are actually I audiences can I give five dollars I would like even this well yeah I'll take care has grown up my chips. You know I think and I don't whatever it is in the middle market to get the in the middle of my back cabbie file that I can be unicorn out of my forehand to figure I don't want to damage to the UN react to figure out how to work a I think that you would be ideal spot just everybody tennesseans aren't you Anderson and it's. If I'm mentioned that I don't if you want you on and why a 44999. All fellow band welcome to the men's room. I. Compact cars there. I'll give them an out and got a lot of the topic today you know little of it all back and it. They go hand in and under their outlook I'll lose at least okay I'll Barton. Ruined. That I don't man on the island where we all turn out like tiger right but. Now though on the economy and download stuff herniated disk L four L I've your past 1418 years and no boost and our ability to beat you know there's no one has players up. It into the nerve down there you know the leg or whatnot the attic and so they know they know on the way it's said and locked my it's yours is based on whom you can escape. Arts are. Yeah ode to and they looked at our home and I don't know an injection the quarter down and actually got there or though and I'm pretty young I mean I'm only thirty even though. Doctor like Golden Eagles don't keep your Treo series. All. I'd I broke in odd to distribute there now works but it all the bandit I temporary weeks ago. I'm confident on June 30 two Y a month a month month and half ago two months ago I. A pentagon I could detach and so it's it's essentially like John. A little incision little less than an inch and billion going to the tools are growing they're shaved the bulge. And and make sure that it's no longer than my nerves. Here they found in oh hole which would seat and sure there's got to be dangers in that or they would have and is a more regular procedures so what what what could possibly go wrong you have any what would. Yeah I mean not a good point I mean some of the stuff you every night if I can do it to mean you're right about this final call not a threat you know I'm. It impacts and I guess with any surgery but it's really just kinda lay a great procedure it's an interracial procedures you're not laid up and hospital today. I would up and walked out of there in couple out should not be the next. And and immediately. Immediately on it was like immediately woke out bureau and you can look it a little you know more you yell at you can't go out and you know they gave me all of a bunch of you know it won't eat. I think over the course is only two and and and is that out but I am under pain free on the new guy. Packet back and gone. Edited I don't know it's crazy is only a blight like entry like is still out there. I'm I'm I'm I'm glad to hear that match it. You know I got when I got to bring about a whole it's about six months Georgia Neal avenue that's the most painful and I really wanted to long or you don't mean I don't know when I did him bleed like a little arrow and I don't me. But you lose they're okay yeah I felt good being back toward a few days later houses like Causley you know one side is like Fran and stuff up well no new bond you know I don't know if I did you know as ready and diamond is the kind of learn how to play the instrument again it was a miserable. We are that your your aunt spoke a neutrino can hear this guy in the lab at night and did you sexy hair and urine severe payment in my humble. Certainly I can somehow got a call handling of the new bone yeah okay tears in his eyes usually stray into that he's open skies become more a lot of manly guy practiced but homers and one of these things. A nice mail ice man and Obama is a killer for the bombers if if if if if. What are you ought to why we've got three now about the lay there on the men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio networks. That's why are you mom and why and we've got to my. Your email here for the men's room amends or live dot com is. Watch me as a butcher the English language or the pharmaceutical language so to speak. Guys make cancer patients are both married transplant patients need it the allotted for pain because they use oxy as Tylenol because they're now allowing Taiwan all due to its masking a fever. I never heard of anyone else having that drug for home use so crazy that from K. Aldridge is Sarah here OK so I think two medications one is a spiral no rule I told him and the other is Esther adult. Astrodome I take him for hormone replacement therapy because surprise I was not born female. The spiral is a blocker for testosterone receptors are no more raging male hormone added bonus it helps me. Keeping a wrinkle in it. As we know it all is the Furman as Asian drug a synthetic estrogen in this is what gave me my breasts and hips. And soft skin etc. so much like Sarah these might be the two drugs that Laura is on her anywhere in that they have not sure. Hi guys a lot of it is a powerful morphine type drug. I spent twenty years chasing them primarily used as an IV drug best feeling you can get from any drug. After having ankle surgery I started having trouble sleeping on a doctor. Give me a bounce. 25 milligram tablets. And natural to Lin Charlie. Take a one hour before bed to tabs and for two months no help told are still having trouble sleeping it doesn't think for 100 milligrams one hour before bed still no help. I now take for Bo Bo Bo Bo tabs and also into you know some OTC tabs. Also 100 milligrams a tuner milligram sleep aids to get sleep without them I would be awake all night. And from band scooter Shackelford. I was put laden cold just seemed for my chronic doubts. Intelligence committee had just a disaster. The health and Claire are retired couple times Syrians in either my feet postal to take it as soon as I feel flare coming on it'll stop them from getting to the point rack and walk. Turns out the common side effect is nausea. But I thought I could have downturns and I was extremely wrong it was some of the worst non job ever and I couldn't keep anything in both ends it was worse than my worst stomach flu. I think about black cherry juice now. As that's more of a natural way to lower the acid that from Sam Fishman. Guys you should clarify it for all listeners the reasons to get a clean record ruling on any moving violation. In this is back to the Tiger Woods saying all right drugs he were on this when we asked question. It's so your next stop you'll have a clean record also more benefit to those who do not have big money is to keep your insurance premiums low. Each ticket and worst TY on record raises your rates most drivers do not know or understand this yes to defend your ticket may take more money. Now to open is lowered to non moving fine in a way extra tax dollars or one pays or found not guilty and dropped so tiger just played the Smart on this historical record. I hear Richard's saying. I don't discredit that what were saying it is why does that matter to Tiger Woods if he is insurance goes up thinks he. It's probably okay if he's not going to go to jail in doesn't matter what's on record he's a rich guy he celebrity we know on the roles like. Look if you like does he mean Joseph Malcolm gym five different drugs in the system. In his moving vehicle right now teeny Obama's would be injured don't make ground on bail but quite the same rules don't why don't I knew my importance is this like. You don't need to clean record doesn't matter someone else I wouldn't want to go to Canada she's Tiger Woods or doesn't matter. If there's insurance goes up I get the viewing he could probably an agent amount of the Canadian open if he chooses and ending gets into battle over there were tiger. If it's us we understand why do as a tiger well the good I don't care what you do because none of us actually affects the way about time for a few extra emails from many Germans are my doc comes. Always had a birthday George son Mason who is two years old today. How often dirty Germans maybe one day he'll get our sick sense of humor. Also have been listening since episode 1000 for Brian and Christine in the middle of North Dakota thanks guys. Our careers what I've always consultancy until you look you I mean the. I heard they Jim I'd then that would be Marreese yelled. He is turning 39 I would love a big old LeRoy. Load. During errands and they stuck in a gum okay. Thanks guys that from Hayden and. Move. Yeah why is it Henry joining a birds and my son Gary he was born on this day under five hours according now like a bottle rocket. Their own and he's trying to enjoy our whole fan of country came outside ways didn't scream enough that our whole family's ban on the show would you play LeRoy Jenkins into dirty German stock thanks guys them from the lovely Lisa and I. Yeah. I'll be a month they didn't play fast food. I owe me a burger king and even downloads I haven't my way in yeah you do nothing. Hillary Arabic and annoys your shows provide hours of entertainment most surprisingly tense finish price cubes. So this year along with a birthday song and I hit an original barber shop face families that would be the best way to celebrate another year thanks guys that from rock. And I again if it is anyway. So you know oh my god you run. Brother and I and he's okay and she's Amazon on this. And gentlemen globally while many. You could please blame a wonderful girlfriend Alicia I'm happy birthday today are 27 that would be great announcement of the bird they saw and in some dirty German and Virginia duck. Thanks guys that from Jane in Kirkland. I'm real question anchor but we're not gonna do the dirty Virginia talking more and the reason is is this something serious happened Charles fell down when I initially did that voice. I was just joking because being from West Virginia I know the Charlottesville as an incredibly racist place if you're from West Virginia you know that. No one from Virginia has ever said anything nice to you from being from West Virginia. So I was just taking medicine away fair held but all of a thing as a way to use the microphone just a jab back and all the times we've been made fun of growing up in now I was joking about the racism aspect of Charlottesville Virginia. That's not funny anymore. So we're not gonna but it's acceptable it's just not fun it's our inside excelled both on partially that's gone there retirement well so request somebody else we do have dirty German foreign. And normally we have those those problems a digital why is you can get. He made the. Guys is my boyfriends birthday. His name is Chris and he's starting 29 appeal doesn't see you guys every single day could get three Joey chestnut thanks guys are ready to go. I just say my party business party purchased your forty fist full or part Sierra obvious that of that bad that it. Does that in there. I'm humble I dragons and journals thanks to a no look down in the middle maybe some wedding view thanks guys out from days. Overlook God's. Yeah. Oh my god what is this damage our boys and Jennifer happy 39 birthday thanks guys. There have been moved back then you'll move up both renewed reverend spice sort of dampen. Please go to blew. Us. This is dimming. An outpouring that's your browser on can I ask for. Special one let's see here given Joey chestnut Cesar Izturis. And I want an Intel is Tony three year old daughter's life between three years. After being fans are nice but she's under opportunism if you caller on more. We don't have a sound effect. Lovie and a please send her earnings are on the bills on his 53 living here comes a dope pusher a kid's face sand wedge in and out hitting the window thanks guys from DC and mama I. Yeah. Yeah you'll. Go. Yeah yeah I think our Diane Daniels OK okay yeah we had every. Our guy greater danger in case you missed dad oh yeah that's the way have also a few suggestions on men's room read festival going down San Larry the ninth. The you don't flaw exposed that are there Ortega your suggestions as we have been up until probably showtime and there have been some interesting ones we've got out dark dragon and other dumb stuff bands appear live entertainment games and of course. Putting an outdoor drinking. Eight hours of insanity only fifteen bucks bigger longer and we lowered the price is fifteen dollars Latin music all day and we've got thousands millions of original red beer will be there men's room gold what kind of crazy crab should rebuild here are some of your suggestions I ordered that. How about doing big dummy lives. People on Blake can write their name on a piece of paper doesn't know box rumbles of the name boom you're playing the gender magic. Men under interim red vessel guidance and even gonna put padding is a great idea can manage them out cramps. I'm trying to figure out reds' best. This happening I'm attending what do I get the tickets men's room live dot com and a threat that's the bull. Wind added that this whole jazz do to address this dear friends I in honor of the dirty Germans may be a room German polka band would be a fun idea I mean who in the hell would wanna see attendance and got them beat her holes and anybody would vision and from Joseph here's a great one you guys try to see if you can get Max salmon for red festival. There are Black Sabbath cover band the dresses up like punk out McDonald's characters. All matters to me about food you know man I saw them on your won't they are tremendous effort chuck. I go warrior are you guys just mentioned someone getting arrested for blocking and Holland Tunnel back east our highways and signs saying no pedestrians that's probably why we wouldn't consider that fast. Burial and emails sprint and time now complex and it's yeah its a group of Bennis. But bottleneck that maybe don't have any suggestions concerning men's or read festivals issued as an email to the men's room amends in my dot com mr. read festival Saturday September 9 it is eight hours all kinds of outdoor drinking you must be 21 or older to attend the events and yes to get her just fifteen bucks is also premium experience stock option. I'm Barack Obama and Ryan you're heavily involved this is far out everything unless you travel for this is going to be on site are yet to visit and be yeah. Probably a good drug charges announced it was again both it is time to sit and spin now. He has friends that style. I once again gone. Is there anything that's out of the meal radio and listened to Arizona sweat. Or something more my songs they are famous for a movie. Like I vinegar yeah I like him fall in the movie go Riley my god that's silly goofy well yeah but they said that. Tony that's special moment the movie and just make it all come together like and then there was no butter and jelly same judgment we know when the piano part firmly look comes on and goodfellas and I'm just kind of sense that right easier than I might as an example or get a deal yesterday I was not unless okay all right RSS. That's just my personal. Andalusia dad has been better and these are the cantaloupe these loft fire you up for sure I'm as does songs for movie soundtracks ever today on that. I know you think. One offers to be. For want these guys play nine more long considered big surprise I can you login a danger zone was actually number eleven. Crazy in love from a fifty she's a great was number ten and I think Nasir. Okay our offensive coordinator if they missed at nine tonight nixed that sort out what amount I make one possibly somebody who's flying standby here you know I'm your vote doesn't show up when you get on the planet yes. She's a great beyoncé got bumped the although they were there ready for the life got a crush beyond that feeds I'm not like he's having a bad run all literally have now that's. Don't miss songs from movie soundtracks ever on that. A powerful powerful song and I did it. And good night. Get away with it less and cheesy. Early ninety's if nothing is done in a wave from the somehow. Though there. Horrible song when the horrible things where you heard it. So much and end the seven years but he's still quarterback for number reason if certain farm belt was tuneup someone from Norman when he bought a lot of under I was kind of the beginning of the end as far as her vocals quality moments up after Vatican analyst does he go away as anyone here actually seen the movie I am not clear how many I had no influence on video for less money it doesn't matter how old you are if you're a man you see that you like this release does not permitted southerners are going to be good movies this is based song into a movie is a movie that doesn't guy you don't lose and I don't I I don't like Kevin Costner is anyone's body to body guys. No I'm buying anything can relate Soros a true besides obviously you have an opportunity in the movie hero in the window and back so because of that and help the Washington. There's like MS and there's value honesty that I know that we're doing a whole lot of new lane did happen once the bodyguard you're right you want bonus. Cool beat down and that's. No best songs of peace tracks ever. Under pay. Very kicking. Yeah yeah he's the islands as simple minds don't you forget about it from The Breakfast Club and this is this the as I went essential one. I think those guys they lose it jumped hard Jack. In almost fired guys learn that's only because there's been no worries failing. Ruled in her home. Yeah bullpen blew her name hello hello hello I'm. The layup. The fighting words in and I know candidate knows it's if if we had six or seven nexus that Pompeo. Right now to a within minutes and best songs or movies down. You realize this was. The soundtrack songs. Leo's case prepared I've of course from dangerous minds was that done Michelle Pfeiffer was like I am there in in an all black school enough. He's right exactly exactly I'm ever gonna write a movie like easy when he had those four of the last major goes oh I'm glad I NT well let me raise. Panty ads on the Slobodan quack could Jim come up there you do Austin and got to get up Miranda saw aren't you tired of you picking on Taylor. But they're a good thing. The wind held these wide key that. I don't see that you're right I wanted to do that much you want to come on somebody do it without. The best songs of love movies contacts they call. There. Lisa love Hulsey is hot beautiful all absolute god now you're gonna. So good because look I'm more advanced Monday June oh yeah. And I'm. All you would so effect on menus fears she's I don't know if you lose lives in the body from a reality bites. I won't have a mouth full moon. Please send us sons are movie soundtracks ever today Johnson's best. Please do you think the most part right. And your dad still lives. I don't know why did you don't you don't get after the ghostbusters movie about guys like. This isn't the only thing you did he graduated in this level so it isn't strong challenger in the OK okay it's soundtrack album thank how to do not know Michael doesn't write this June was a little. Oh no because there's something strange problem with your daddy. It's. Kinda phones movie sounds like benefit big. Your phone. Yeah also parade now when does track. I'm gonna blow a very good about my news. Another thing that's on to lose count myself. It's okay. Hey man. Why me. You go to the motivational got a new. I don't know wanna fight anybody when I hear the song and spicy go back there do they are real men of genius so Budweiser commercials or as well OK I get the club off the guys from survivor that's very close from rocky 310 minutes on the movie soundtracks ever. Good to. And that's why I guess. Headquarters in Atlanta I don't know I don't know it's it's the same time the right one. Alma and my mom is like one of the biggest songs in Aerosmith entire catalog just really soundtrack of this is one of the worst song I'm 111. Races I have cracked. And made better music than I I heard it I've heard anything. Please let's Amazon's movie soundtracks ever and yes we miss the. What. That's OK okay that's ultimately. Soundtracks ever still to come but you don't need to know right you'll stay tuned list. Ten things you do that you don't realize your dog hates I do all kinds they're gonna be strong every single one would be shocked and probably do three fours. It should come home and you are making money on bad assets as a going up right after the break you're listening to visit radio network. Up until you don't have an intern in the men's room. So come and of these shot of the day is on the way below verse. We're all useless information. And do you have hard too many brain cells and landing here on the men's room cares what you don't need to know the dragon ladies as I possibly can I'm not really news. Jim I'm human do. You must do the dogs chase this is from our friends at the mother nature network I'm sure you probably are you subscribe to the mother nature network but either way 2000 yeah I hear all these are ten things I believe I did you do that your dog absolutely hates. However if. Using words more than body language. They say dogs might be able to do ducks when a few. Keywords mean walk free tall wife and maybe even learn hundreds of works as some border college of actually done but in fact. Most dogs can't understand that they understand if you're human body language what they rely on the figure out what you mean is by what your body is doing. Dogs and a ball to be expert readers of the human body they can figure out what your thinking and feeling even before you realize that. You know when your dog you realize if you have a hard time dog recognize that before you write all of them are gonna come over. As they tried holding out saying a word your dog but only commute communicating with your body and you realize how much dogs relies. On communication okay isn't gonna pence up a lot of people. Hugging your dog. Why you might love wrapping your arms around a furry canine friend at most dogs hate hugs why. Dogs don't have arms and they don't hug. Rather than camaraderie and a dog plays the four ball four laggard on the back of the dog this is considered an act of dominance. No matter your intentions were hugging a dog as hard wired to view the act of plugging as you exerting your dominance. Many dogs well tolerated especially kids they are in the dynamic about that dumb but some dogs will feel threatened. Here's another thing you're doing that your dog hates subway that's a lot of reasons and also snatching kids get they've paid for kids trying to assert dominance. You should not that a dog's face or pat her head why do you like to be patted on the head. Do you like to be panel on the face both humans think the dogs like being pat on the head guess what. They adults. The reality is a while many dogs will put all the good it is someone they know and trust. Most dogs feel an otherwise it was a good turn your head and he's excited that I turn their heads these guys trying to you know like don't touch my god damn thing is why responsible parents teach their children to gently patted dogs back career but do not. That's the face. Walking up to a strange dog looking at MEI what does that tell that dog. I'm very aggressive I'm being aggressive if you don't know the dog did not move the dog in the eyes when you look at a strange dog right the odd day my niece my own everything. They think you're coming after their ass earmark things you do your dog hates. Forcing your dog to interact with the dogs or people they clearly don't like you can see it it's right there. Whether it's a dog friendly and the person you know the difference don't force the issue both don's not go back craft that was Milan. The ten things you do the your dog days. Oh by the way they think just like so many other social species dogs have their favorite friends and our enemies as well you don't pair them together. Going for walks without the opportunity to explore and smell bad when you sell for the good thing to get out they're getting done quickly mention the Booth they shouldn't be but yeah dog needs us now blocked. Keeping a tight leash here you're hold them back against and then either so don't do that. Being chance your chance they know what millions stressed out being boring and another thing you come home your house is destroyed if you don't life. If your dog is making trouble getting into boxes or causes you basically show you just how incredibly boards years in the last thing is teasing. Do not featured dogs they know exactly what you're doing and they feel it and it hurts their Felix and it's not funny today I mean there carried on what you don't need to know have admitted entering into. Have you read. Men's grill now. Had an advantage usually hasn't been great best chance he'd throw he'll find out nortel's this view is indeed today we Joe's 39 year old Pierre did Darrell. And is now I don't know how to say his wife's name. Many new ruled the learning discourse anyway. They're both Orlando Florida maybe you've heard the stories they were driving in or Kia sorrento. Over the weekend and their barbecue grow them back with a propane tank attached even worse. The broke the tape was turned off and I'd I cannot understand why but. Apparently the wife she couldn't smell the gas part of the reason we believe that is because she lit a cigarette should happen. It's bloated the amazing thing is that both of them survive would just a few bombs car was completely destroyed. But I wasn't the only bad news when the cubs came to the scene guerrillas of the husband. Yet he an outstanding war for fleeing and eluding the police song ended up being arrested the man hours. Yeah I mean your bullpen guy named Garland dobbs show up annoyed. You're Baghdad yet hey man we're glad you're alive we got to thank you real menus charcoal that's right that's right the charcoal grill vicious. Again why would you turn the gas on the to your grill if you're not actually using the girl and why we're determined as comparable to place it in your car and installed the cigarette and think that goes okay. Well hey that's how Smart they are many in the SUV blow the fact that neither of them were injured severely cause I'm I'm the day's close during Saddam's. Report this booed then we drink this booze begun the resilience you know may go back though over the long and down the throat to Barney in art Tommy's. Down now all lab midtown guy. Tickets at the lied more profile that we'll take collar nine now only 44999. Hole that's 844999. Hole. He's continues on the men's room radio network.