08-15-17 Seg 2 - The Mens Room Is Going Through Some Stuff

Tuesday, August 15th

Mens Room Question: What are you on, and why?


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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls down right out and mentor friend Klestil loan that's right folks what you got something primary a lot like this imagine cleaning blacks that's right folks just run homer and then rich and I'm for clean fresh feeling that yeah. So change your life lol yeah. Every song and dance and I'm going there and really nasty dirty clothes aren't in danger of savings. And. Works every time. Why they're called. Strange behavior and of course we're. All benefiting deceive their foundation and the Fisher house. Yeah don't stuff for less money hoax to only fifteen months and Jordan and now homes and my staff my. Ordering him. This is the men's room. You're listening to grill. Well I've got a big show drivers are frank Cassell and since then maybe ten best songs from movie soundtracks and not. What you don't need to know has since things you you do that your dog hates believe it or not there's a number of things in there the year your dog cannot stand and we do them all the time and you're going to feel bad when I read that listen I'm one almighty god minorities and as we as we talk about prescription drugs today what are you gonna lie low commend the Portland our listeners on kgo windows classic right many drug addict that's right and ninety point five K fox in south bay and San Jose they they drug managed this is problem is several rumors everywhere we're everywhere and everybody would talk about Tiger Woods and the analysts stuff that he was on today. As vibe within the allotted xanax and the NN TC were all found. Entirely system the time of his DUI arrest those were all in his system along with aid. Delta nine and car boxing ETC. I'm not sure if that is the pill form of marijuana but thank god the drug companies figure that out yet is a province again got into them gorilla that is the the prescription drug company need to figure out a way to replicate we quickly are they gonna lose the entire as he shared half they got 85% of right now they don't it just less than 10%. The FB been price is gonna go be even more thank you mylan pharmaceuticals map now aren't our thing so a. Understandable way beyond the beer industry is a good read but they didn't understand that we could smoke weed and drink beer want to go hand and am I gonna start going to marriage like we bought. The pharmaceutical companies and understood in a position like look man. May we rebels give a heroin we've replicate vehicle at real replicated all be illegal drugs who took up he won the new ingredient Grayson illegal. We wanted it to people we are making money hand over 400 help we're here to make money and automatic soul when when you lose when out there. May free PF out because they hadn't figured out why does nothing. Nothing. Nothing imitates we'd like we'd does wheat is wheat so they've done everything they can't try to figure Heyman. What do you do replicated and insurance as they haven't found a way yes so when Obama legalizing and make no mistake when he hears some clown my job session your. And it is on the Indians don't remember that. The government spending human research we'd so for them to say anything about it is ridiculous because I don't own admission they don't know anything about it because they've taken time but somehow oh. They think there are positions become something. That they admit they know nothing about that's ridiculous in and amongst so thick of the gun aside from the government like the NFL. But good spirits here. Third year for the pharmaceuticals has nothing to do with your health around this is the same government let's say you're kids don't need a healthy meal may go to school. They don't care but only that but the lobbyists will be able to contribute and take back to a campaigns like look man. We don't want we'd legalize them govern ourself if your dog really can legally. Just get we'd welcome I'm gonna buyer pills and obviously we over prescribe things Big Three want the people that are not on the prescriptions. To get the drugs because that's the money yes man the money is not what people buy needed drugs. The monies from the people that are addicted to your drugs so Jeff Sessions and all the rest is clout lemon live in the payouts and an EMs like look. Basically she is a rep. For people. The rep. For drug dealers that that's a long and short and of course he'll deny it because politically. That's for you should do Barbara Ryan called spade a spade a program don't care about the sudden I bits were not open his mouth to me some sweat from. But that's what he has that's what he's doing that is his position that is why user. A much a grandmother years who love them. That video or someone else for the prescription drug it's one thing to be addicted to drugs and if you find some drugs that are within that realm of anything close that's why. That there's been so many overdoses because they can cut this crap of other things that are somewhat close but not exact right. And that's that's being an act now when you go to your doctor anymore. If you are prescribed did a drug it's not just one and done and that's the problem with the way the pharmaceutical industry has aligned itself when I mean by that is. If you are on some type of toxic holdovers from the right that you're not just gonna go home with a there is you might have to take an anti inflammatory medication as well. You might have to take a medicine that helps you don't use the bathroom regularly it's not it's that's the latest drawn out and you're if you're on this morning I'm an old Buick and I improves and I think ultimately this will give you high blood pressure whatever and then there's another pillow lowers that all the side effects of the one pill does and there's other bills that summer car they counter act. The negative you downstate senator Grassley are also will offer more problems as well the same way every other drug does so nobody just walks into. The local pharmacy and in fills one prescription anymore if they quote you do my prescription Nephilim 45 health. I was in the airport. Within over the weekend. And we always joke about just people take all kinds of drugs. Before they get on a plane and their word. There were two ladies beside me and they were probably or a little bit older than me that they were. They looked very. Librarian ish welcome for about a lack of a better term you know they were just very. You know dressed in a conservative fashion but not you know just just they don't have sex miles they say they OK you know what it was they're wearing sweaters. I don't mean endless and and it is nice people. You don't name but just wanna wears you down below you know you just you know you you know there you know that the kind of what quotes you pot holders appear very nice people exactly what you you know I mean I'm not a mean bone on the world they're gonna be the bizarre they're gonna help the kids are gonna solve the craft so it was that kind of a crew. And as soon as they announce the morning on the fly. They they they open up the purses and started asking into the what they have and they probably knocked down three or four pills with a water loans like I need to sleep on playing ninety calories. For everything their donors and in my life. Oh man out and never thought they hit of these ladies first and drugs and many don't and you unemployment honestly yeah xanax in the don't have something Nelson she's. That they do is say like a planes have been around for awhile and and before they have all this crap than the pharmacies mostly announced people continue to lose sleep on the plane when she would do. Disclosure rising go to sleep it's not out of the realm of possibility to do this but now people determined that they know Billy. Concerned the bill for an attempt to Durham pain that's one thing and some stuff it's inflammatory it's understood the human infection. It's understood but to sit and airport and not have a single problem in the world and they're gonna board amended term ooh. Mommy pop these fellows like hey man in polygamy and I'm a judge and I love drugs I think drugs are at things spectacular. Miley born as I listened. Let it be okay don't judge people on this because everyone take some comfort anything pricing guide kids on drugs might have even from the I hate being a parent but it never crosses my mind I want to drug my did yes and no I always shut up my alleged he's been you know what when they do some of your life is easier and are going to be poisoned my. He had done at this point in time a pretty good idea that the airline industry is against me. Number one on my own I don't have any prescription drugs and number 20 I haven't smoked weed at this point in two or three days I need now we. Number three I. I haven't had a beer yet because I'm late to the airport is now standing in line OK and I'm standing beside these two ladies who we stand up and we walked together and do the boarding aren't suggestions for new drugs I was about because this is how went down okay like. Outlook of for the airline on the bus was like now boarding our gold platinum members being Brett I had all these two most of front Ollie avoided it like. Now boarding our bronze and silver medal winners from these third weekend in March in praying they go. Now are safe club members who were also tied into our Bed, Bath & Beyond club seeing if we have our target last earth is not or whoever airline miles I swear I swear to god they threw like every car did you alert hospital club members gold and platinum can now board and I'm the last Jamal can line. I'm just a regular guys are Montgomery. Do you know I need a beer more than anybody you have easy life and I'm the last guy you can get on the plane because. I'm not in the super secret and glove come my god damn it why can't we just more or what Giuliani is playing. Why don't I have to be a Bed, Bath & Beyond platinum member has nothing to do with the airline. Making good enough kinda bad next moment. It's an asset capital by you bear please dogs like I would not give might do drugs brazen bank I'm tired I'm coming guns census thrilled. Your views on some drugs to make him flush the third's you know what if they did have a vocal that Brett memory hill among you as a my kids he's coming on they were on that stuff. I just take my concentration medicine. The mile make phone call go pleas to god no matter what we do group parenting wise can you get our kids off the smack. Bright please. Will they concentrate better when they play soccer. Did you just hear what you set out loud it is still a game out of your mouth and Leslie did you record yourself and play that back years later does that make sure your pretty well on board here saying out laughing out loud I don't feel like being a parent but that. Hey concentration drugs yet first soccer performances soccer so they concentrate in soccer and his all my god where were we come here when what is going on. Our question today why what are you want and why 844999. All hello wade to welcome to the men's room. Well god who is played very anti climatic I have a stretch for us. Hello and welcome to the men's room. Our guys how are you Don I'm doing here there and channel is excited. As time I'm actually you know vote must go back for years ago this illusion of poetry. And then recently in their early 2000 fairly directly in noticeable on shoulders but why it's very well read on ensuring gravity most turbulent dugout yelled they are. There is technology and on the way down the tree can really nice and it's absurd to god that ensures branches and limbs snapped and I go like for you either win or lose as yeah and for good buddies. Yeah and yet until the end of its own medicine beyond. Well you can't and it's Rio de lunged. Certain sets they're in Delhi Indian insomnia Stevens is for a slow we think there's five yeah yeah yeah and continue work. Don I don't know I learned as an illusion minister of. Okay is it because of his shoulders or because of the drug Jerome like did you think it needs like a Wal-Mart rewrites and I don't do opinions say hello when they still play average in Marion. I couldn't concentrate yeah. Berlin gears a drug that we'd OK and what about all right so so how many of these drugs you think they did take all of them. Aren't you wanted to yell hello I'm going to Mora now don't they. Absolutely lived the laws don't get a doctor's sister's children here now broke I consider using a truly get. We'll let you vote yes and I don't that that hundred okay. And I'm here to hear how sad. Iron about how I see your comments your prescriptions cost you without being employed. Among these is dumb dumb I lunged out of state insurance so bad. With one shot the most psoriasis it's once every twelve weeks cites 161000 dollars shops. Are you for your dander. Yes no match no answers right. He's abandoned lyrics. Are bull bay view that these 161000. Dollars a pop broad calls the manufacturer. Less than D'Amato my youth I'm gonna buy you 500 dollar model allusions the bank to pay this morning if you are did you say you 151500. Dollars we just did you stop me cocoa boy the last few man you films Steve. I'm just saying black community. As skin problem brother talked to all black woman she's got in her birth right now fuel food you. Like whether women Evans then I would hit me as he brother excuse me ma'am can I borrow some cocoa butter. Slap. Paul your run and live aid for people are 999 cola you are losing to the mantra radio network. Pitches Bjorn. Screw us tiger plus vitamin. A lot of sandbags and the end CAC found a Tiger Woods system the time his mom fire rescue the mind I I don't know how long these drugs stay in your system I'm just not I and the only god knows how long we do your systems on time I've been drug tested I always worried about weeds so because of excessive. Eye thing man loses all one night is is a 24 hour period they're all a system that seems to me like you know when you take a drug you don't take a pill. That's good for two days so I'm assuming that these are daily drugs or drugs that are taken every rule couple times a day many outlook our judgment that many drugs I get one tonight but still 24 hours if I had his money. And it. His profession. I would have more than five drugs in my system and an dimple and I don't have as money or his profession as far as three system right now I'm just saying if I'm him. Baidu and I'm twelve drugs do yeah there's no question because. I'm Teflon doesn't matter what I do I'm fine to me and legally speaking I the the Tiger Woods that I envisioned. As a man of the vaccines for the driver of France in Indio Conklin. Just like the commercials but he's not driving well you're does about that so why would we get to drive and someone made the comment that some luck in your right he should ever driver but. Not done them send if you your driving yourself of his money Cuba's going someplace he didn't need anyone to know. Yeah that's a problem deliberate but again you guys are worldly than it is on a two lane road in the middle of nowhere and third in 2 o'clock in the morning in Tiger Woods were you go where mariners and you say do this and he might be you know I'm on prostitutes how someone won't. It's Tiger Woods we know his penchant for drop in his DNA and having them have got so one thing he's a big to do we know for sure only if it doesn't Matt did. With Tiger Woods it doesn't matter if he's going to a hooker how's he realized that sounds about right. It's Tiger Woods it's different at the summit if you say George Clooney you'd be like. Our men and yet you wouldn't want anyone notice Tiger Woods like the first time that he fell bill as far as the public Beijing goes. It's because he was getting laid everywhere wouldn't matter if he's going to brothel. A prostitute house because that's who we know him to be down and you look at mass on Lindsey Vonn on television the other bells and why are never really saw her like that before menace she's she's a beautiful woman rent and enjoy the beautiful and you're right the way she looked at when SR there how. If he F data. And drizzle until. Took his kids and stuff you know me I try like I'm here for you Manny got her PR disaster again we all make mistakes around here got baggage kids also with the Indonesians same thing we know we know there's two things a tiger was likes prescription drugs. And woman's women's of those you know then there in the case of. Nothing wrong with math highlighted go through the envelope the home Gillick got me to like women only drugs I don't fault him for bad and all I just hate that. When he gets called on this stuff OK euros of his victims like look man just. Compared as heroic I women alike drugged out from a lovely problem that I don't have a problem and I don't care what you think look I'm not going to tell you wouldn't look hard got a problem maybe I knew. But I absorb probable the man though do demand. My god the man I mean. I just that it no matter what I'd look there's one Bloomberg guy out there right you he's got a Toyota camera. He lives in the area. His name is Joseph. OK I feel like a Joey whenever I need you were good right I'm driving at 2 o'clock in the morning to some checks out some minute Perkins you down as they may enjoy got Joey the only thing the you have to do is answer the phone line call. Come pick me governor Camry. They may or I go no questions asked I'm a multimillionaire a the most expensive piece property in south this is this is not a difficult decision to make by any stretch of the imagination. This is not a hard you don't mean think. Don't drive. It's that basic like there's got to be away like Joey can live in the basement joined live in a nine bedroom I think Julie twenty minutes to walk from one. Part of the core of the house to his car just to Davis started up today you somewhere Majoli should be close you know I mean like aren't very many data Lehman has done in advance the one thing he's got to figure out like left. I gotta stop driving. I've got to stop them prescription drugs if I'm going to drive to my girlfriend's house in the middle of the night well that I can't be number scourge of drugs but I can get half the equation and Ella. Bloomberg. Burris around it like he did the F up in the backseat are they can get there and I want people to know will vote yes that's why boomers become so popular because people are making smarter decisions now about how they. They go about their daily business so they're not in these situations but it is now worth losing your life killing someone else going to jail risking these fines. How are you the one of the smartest business guys in sports. And that's freaking stupid right I mean that's I don't care if your hop up on twenty kinds of medication you can fall out of the uber Joseph he's gonna pick you up and take UN and you can hang out with Debbie the Perkins waitress all night long but you won't get a DUI won't be on paper for Scott it's not that hard like screaming at your high school kids for doing stupid stuff like what what is wrong with you like any old Okinawa way where I mean my god may we all wanna be on your side we all that you will lose you actually play decent golf of your golf and you want tiger was about their regatta is back on Thursday and just do you know. Drop out of the tournament if you're a fan of golf you wanna see him at least have one more good round going there and do what he does best and got on this place you know. I think there's a lot of supporters limit. Now when you're so stupid that you don't realize that you can take transportation where you're not the one driving estimates are got no problem the dorm drunk that there's drugs when I'm when I know drug we don't. Don't go to Iowa picks young bloods and drive the grammys debris no bargains wagers at 2 AM like I'm surprised I'm ideas she was the manager why don't we why don't we instead then you know just. Maybe take a cadaver over if you're going to be an addict the united response from them yeah. Our question what are you on a Y 844999. All look hello Rick welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. So. What are my own policy here we're gonna sort. Or everyone's human eggs. I don't see editorial pretty. Animal clinic on Ibuprofen and these are today. A ball or a day and that's the limits you can think they run per twelve hour ride and he. Well leader Peter milligrams so understand about third. 32 ordered parent and as a normal doesn't serve pretty good paying rent. Don't and being burned typical Perry Perino I just aren't the droids a drum. All scored a certain knowledge about my little kernel patch it's. This is Michael Graham and all that's what is in all forms that's the stuff the kills a rock stars right. News. Physically a hundred times certain it did you go to other times stronger than any more insult. They had a situation here is that we will cut with heroin and my home state outside of Huntington, West Virginia. And in Ohio which has been devastating and I know who's got the stuff the stuff. And 29 overdoses 29 overdoses. Within a five hour period it was all based on fentanyl so. Well a story about a week Jeff Sessions is a minute piece betrayal that essentially an elephant tranquilizer. I don't know I usually held in Europe it's is pretty strong and David how many times can you slap your arm. And I'm saying is that you're on the past is one loses is it some familiar and so it's good every two days ago. When I was young and Mike and I are. Forward I'm Susan what my workplace thanks and think all right some. I ginger it's all that 100. Now we generated discs goes stood in the navy is there. Anything you can do and I got Scully also as a way to contain our time if ever looked and is there I mean is there a back surgery that works is there anything out there they can get this taking care over you don't have to be walking you know pharmacy. It probably doesn't I have no doubt they're probably just did but like you were saying earlier I people who can afford to take time off to you know. But I I don't I can't either I'm right there would understand I just a you know it's the pens though quite. And America and is not a slight on America but we were all about corporations so that the pharmaceutical industry when I was not only can do. Resulted Dana White right guys in terms of the UNC now remember what his deal was but he had very serious medical situation and he's similar. I'm a millionaire so he he did what he could easily you flew dubbed a K and Germany flew off a Manning's doctors do much right so Kobe Bryant's actors is that I did everything I could in the states and because the pharma the pharmaceutical industry when's the doctors are no interest message treated. Nothing against doctors but they know to be sure I'd Sony is they millionaire. Sunny and bright he told Peyton Manning told Kobe Bryant missed a look. We got a guy he said who's your guys have all our guys in Germany. And does not Germany's specific but in Europe. They wanted to be better then once predicted three flew to see what was in Germany. One treatment. And everything Mosul raid did whatever it is they had to do for him and it was dominant space I'm all for it because. Here it's about selling you payrolls in Europe it's a barge carrying out the read it before you had these background you can learn a drug act right I mean a drug addict someone who is taking regular drugs or or recreational drugs drugs on a daily basis. No never never touched that we were so it was the most favored at Melbourne our schools at all beyond what you guys talk about you know using we've prepared all yellow green everything but but. My employment you know just what we know what did I forget. And only go to night Rick griner side and we were completely understand what you're saying is it's I don't think anyone does Reid go and I'm not sure what job you couldn't do. So I mean look. I don't test for alcohol what you don't common were drunk much. So certainly dry weeds chances are you don't come into work hi this is say you smoke weed most of us as adults. More responsible enough to understand that when I go to work. You common reasonably clean maybe even some dirty miss from the night before but it's not something you actively putting your body before break through. I got down and I get a whenever Obama we don't buy mostly and it isn't NT dozens of pre rolls but I always buy a couple of juicy BD joints. And they're just strictly for pain when I ran a bad headache or some and I think that in the and the oil that I have and I smoke that CB joined now it doesn't have any the active ingredient of TH seed to the point around to get high but I'm still don't. I'm still have this dirty I do get hot I just got rid of my headache bracket so even if you took. The same equivalents of something that would not give you high in other words if you were operating machinery yearning that it would not impair you. But it would show lump. And because it shows up they would believe that it didn't hear you or did it could have been paired you and one has nothing to the FB likes they like salt and pepper are similar. And now they're completely different they both seasoned food. But just do different things with Joseph remains a leg you're getting busted from the solve all he needs that are you can't even do that. No I do you know what I completely agree please you know what I was here. Like yourself or others get you know to compete us tomorrow obviously all of the bike in order to show that he just. But you know what I'm not gonna get fired for being grounded in my medical record but opposed to get while marijuana it just like I'm gone. Yeah you do need to do Ricky need to go get real high and then get fired him in your check out. Now you have time I just a new career with a fresh bad you need to smoke weed. And you get three month vacation. If you only have to pay I don't know 40500000. Dollar school. A wild berries are wrong idea 300 around a hello my place there and reconnect career quickly it. Think that this was a guy whose body. I don't know we're going to end is that a big deal who needs a job. How would you London though YE 44999. All look hello Brent welcome to the liberal. Hello. We'll learn. All alone oh alone. There are. I have to caretaker. Like let's see. Nine medicine's good day today and some are sons two times a day. What what were the drugs you take you want you and I love you and I call yet your favorite word of the nine medical cocktails you need to get a. Oh I case try I don't know what to lean on him and I take. Prozac. Which is for that question forty milligrams once a day and I take. Do you sit troll into the net anti anxiety medicine have to take three times a day all American needs is three times they are right now. Yeah. Pan out now or net 1000 Nolan ground. For a long day which is for lying diet beat it. Art is more like you say a good group are you black I believe there's not a god you know like. I'm not I'm the widest. Mean he's a diabetes like non outlets than the number of ways has died because why people would call disorder that's just romance then I don't have that it probably got this shouldn't I'll know this. Yeah I am a youth. Clark I mean which is both would be another. Anxiety. Blood pressure not a trend. Why why they do different anxiety pills understood I don't know I would think if you're taking is an entry and anxiety event that would be the one that's going to use. I don't deserve what they called. I have what they called severe anxiety disorder. Brett you just take a loan and you're talking to hundreds of thousands of people so so far just so you know one thing that's all sincerity you do in pretty good job. Don't all think about a hundred. Thousands of people might think you have a rise in the country losing 09 and three person phone call you and I mean. This is the area so literal don't have another. In at a senate or my kidneys could keep them okay with this I beat him. She's so that diabetes is they just reckon your body other than the fact that Jim's spirits and sickly. I have another minute simple mind I had needed I think twice a day at all would divide. And I held court now though Pam. When Google also during the variety. When you have dolls and bring my diet drugs so that they don't so stop working as a I am trying to figure out why you have seven different anxiety medications. He's. Very proud of and I found three and so far three that you authority out curried OK all our coalition include me on the I've been an error are there. Why. Not doing well he's barely able to work is is a psychiatrist or is this a doctor. He knows well the primary care doctor have you ever thought our panel also hope. Also lol I take. It eighteen units globally in Poland. Once a night is that no palm birdie you have you just injected. Under the injected forties ticket. In my belly. Never do Nash shot of the party just entertain the troops. You know. I. Sit here and right now I go. Alma may that may tell you don't put our bellies or doesn't matter where you shoot me an hour early and so little thing you're probably not bad at all tried to Miami has some. No. Attract other now let me are trying to look in my late now all the other is a dire need to know I know I don't let your vision. And one billion. There's not a category and I haven't collapses. And well your visual oh mom dad. Babies are part of intelligent agents are your fingers and toes implies. Yeah all my fingers and toes are OK you know so our token but I had been in the doctor's talking about six times the last two months. My stomach is out there was reluctant relevant I wasn't. I'd swallow the wagon and start taking care when so. And that's why I'm trying to look like a London and help them go. And I went into the doctor in my assure reliable. All of that tribe twenty bonnet. I don't know what is this what it what. Here are basic you're your normal blood sugar between eighty and one or two seats. Easily done. I wanted to end means are gonna win until coma well were you doing wrong were you eating mad. Elena inning battlers drinking beer. All expo quite quick journey in three months ago who canola and you know and you know watch it it'll each a lot of. Are you field day today ma'am I mean why wouldn't. I would have been obliged. I IRA. I'm OK I get up and go to war cannot read it and go on the mound but at or stay home. And I am truly stand. I mean and it takes me a couple our personal or I'm motivated to do any. Maria sue wells people don't worry dad too much Brent how old are you. I'm 48 and how much do you medication cost you a I'm. I held. I have Medicaid which cost me nothing every month. Yeah and and even terms. Our I don't really aren't that good move Rodriguez you'll be done his you don't you don't have to cut back on the damn man. Bad idea what a day what do you want a Y 8449990. Hold linebacker Maurice goes right after this you are listening to the men's or radio network. Drew smiles. So drunk driving charge frank castle in the since then we get the ten best songs from movie soundtracks and odd guy out with Ryan castle I already disagree. I don't even seen the list and I. Disagree with what is gonna play out sometimes it's just word that tune comes into the movie I think that as a lot to do that even if you go back to. The piano from Layla and Derek in the dominoes are in good fellows who just kind of every fifteen Pannemon make it more poignant and just I don't know this kind of and I used the jaws theme that lets you know that. Like that you may hear some listen to disarm Simon Torvalds on the listened to but. I don't know the earth ever bury him. The music and movie to truly set the tone. The exorcist one with the tubular bells from. Well yeah yes is this too was. Whether it's a well guys it's about it's Eagles Obama. I'm absolutely aren't I want to do good guys you'll lose hair look a little out of the riders caregivers that are okay environs now that. That is gets a spaghetti western Canada answers is due e-book. Into dat backup is looking at this at this compound are not a breaker if it. What are you want NY 844999. Cola fellow Laura welcome to the men's room. Hey how the ankle. You. Can't do it pretty dead and don't make our guys are. So what are you want. I'll start ups are lay it. I don't know lack Jones. Mid circulate every day. And ash and I'll just be me which is the weekly injection although those are from my hormones. It conventions and their. The trend is and you all for man or woman woman ma'am what. No ma'am gotta woman's soul RIs are using into the transgender thing and boredom. Those kind of the first two drugs they did you. It's. I don't think they can keep it simple least in the transgender world is only two drugs that are 900 for all the rest of us how our guys how long does the processor people like one of those where you got. A hundred million dollars in goods bull Halsey to speed things along if you look but how long does transgender Brussels today. Honestly I like being encouraged ambition it every one dollar transition desperate mind took about a year honestly. Okay let me ask you this is that a pre existing condition and how they how they define this isn't in the medical world likes to get insurer they've always got some crab ball runs like. All right if if I wanna get certain things done to help myself sometimes like well that's that's the cosmetics dealer or whatever I don't know if I had a deviated symptom and idled troubled by insurance is based on the fact that there are going in and working on my knows me inside and we side on you do a lot of work and I was a war but it didn't like what. OK so. How of these drugs make you feel when you first or taking him isn't a complete different feeling as far as how you feel. Inside your skin are you are used yourself but just changing like is it difficult to deal that there is an easy. Easiest way to explain. Second you pretty. Are you warning yourself then invite you to revisit any being there already is how you hold on I'll loves to go back again Mac send me your eyes smell bad I am happy medium hair grown everywhere your pin Miller. Oh yeah. Think about it clearly it's going to put you pretty sure of liked him I felt Olympic female puberty. Adminstration. Well there's applause. Okay and Robin does that is unfair that if you're you're you're pretty without the administration. It's better though B five and really I'm just a shame if Evans and disturb your body physically begin to feel like the effects of leg cramping feeling here's an impossible based on the incidents. I am I never had any content including what they did. My eighth on my body share Kaeding got lighters stopped going to adopt daylight started developing breast. A lot of groups that have moves and have nobody here and this seems so unfair and you and take drills through your penis begin to disappear. Oh so everyone is different you know. I'm an easier that he enemies and I mean this yeah did a good news right now heads out of the really brave move does anybody who's got one of those surely does now wanna give it up. Yeah yeah I mean I'm no matter purely as a person and everything has to be like. I just might have to be a man does this thing is impressed have you thought about being an organ donor and I'm listening to this lightweight amend. Would you gotta do but yeah the image penis are you little it would sure ethnicity. OK so you can have like a black and it's hand I don't know bronzes at on the home again as a matter and he's a rest. Kind of black content please step closer than and Laura hang on the line on our dealers aren't Wembley plenty of questions for plenty of questions. What are you on NY 844999. Ala what you don't need an Ocala we've got ten things that you do that your dog hates you'll stick around for that. The show and many pins continues on the men's room. Radio network.