08-14-17 Seg 3 - The Mens Room Is Uninvited

Monday, August 14th

Emails, Your Guess is As Good As Mine is between Guests and Dogs! Plus Ask the Me


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This is dumb men's room. They're adults. Listening to it's real it's smiles it's. Rather classical western aid for 4999. All the by the way the reason we asked have you ever had the hell beat out of view and like I cannot remember a time in my life for a did not get that'll beat them. I cannot remember one time were locked away from the flight home and I took care of that business. Oregon remember a few times most of it however I was still an elementary school. Yeah after that it just what a wake up ago on god my head hurts much worse now than I thought it did that. A drug American lesbian up by passer byes after performing multiple. Nazi salutes in a German city. Police say a drunken American man was punched by a passer by as he gave the stiff arm Nazi salute multiple times. In downtown Dresden. A dressed in police said the 41 year old man whose name and hometown that we're not given for privacy reasons done. Summer minor injuries at the 8:15. AM incident. Want to date fifteen. Police say the American who is under investigation for violating Germany's laws against the display of Nazi symbols and slogans had an extremely high blood alcohol level that is impressive it's 815 in the market you out now or eight. His assailant fled the scene and as being sought for causing bodily harm yes doing not legal to give the Nazi salute in Germany. It is also not legal and the German world to lock up and punch someone in the face. It's the second time but you might understand this man sympathy one way or another but it's still the lake purity you can do it here not in Germany it's the second time this month the doors have gotten themselves into legal trouble for giving the Nazi salute on the August 5 two Chinese tourists were caught taking photos of themselves making the gesture. In front of Berlin's is that reichstag building that paper announced that the around reichstag in Korea. So this is the third to at times this example of past couple weeks got to get old for Germany like really man it's now all anybody thinks of our country. Apparently the answers yes of people keep doing and that's not the rank country to go do that. Random random friend right here in the states trams and no problem yes. Hello young welcome to the bedroom. Oh yeah. With a gift for you here. Young boring man. Have you ever if you were blown it during a job interview. I during a job there yeah hell I'd add that shouted at every job interviews again. Light. Unsafe rare sport and Jane it only takes one of those blow it. That is true but I've got everything and edited or any candidate brought that out what is it what does that you do it with response and I'm my specialty it that's our about a hairdo or god does what do you do for a living you know down to jobs the interviewing for. Our. Like earlier an event that where rational set up. I spent letting it saw a large proper. Arty stuff like that and one of the biggest baker challenge that not generic it's actually exploiting people want to choke at a little bit different topic or edit out created like truck driving truck load and I'm really didn't and. Take care of the whole thing front in economics also went okay about what what would you say is the and other events what is the most difficult one to pull off. Is that a corporate event that speaker is today against him when if the person letting you know what what is it. Actually yes smaller weddings are usually more frustrating because you're working perjury usually working directly with a cry it you are prepared to. So that they billion. I don't know yeah well you're working with an idiot as unreal as a different thing I thought you were were nannies I thought you were working with the bride's mother. But I'm normally all of that OK she's not a controller of them. Now. Actually no idea dated most of the time people will do it either they're letting it already all chase somebody else like. Damn late or barely wallpaper somebody else. You play and the art when you young gonna ask you man. In your gambling man and you can kind of see what's going on. Do you have a pretty good read engage on whether that this thing is going to last or not do you believe or you you are you intuitive and often to see what's going on then. Think to yourself hey you know what there's going to be successful marriage already you're gonna like oh man this is going to be tough for both. Essentially any time I'll. The bleacher like a woman all America. Interest packet daylight at all yet why are all that talk like alt edit to really keep the early stuff all. Assume that it's not gonna work because she can hear on the belly is there anything that I see in the relationship that you're at all actually work which. A couple alert quit either. One out topple four eyes. A good area and it does all there the guy doesn't mean the god day and date in the time. That's. Gaming in the end corporate items guys are Smart enough to rents everything so we can bring him back because we realistically know he'll never aware were not going to Wear this again right so we understand that and I aside die need to you know bear it in maybe it's just the job the worry and but and I had a lot of job interviews were up litmus of OK well maybe I didn't make this or maybe it didn't like this yeah that that's a perfectly great example but I'm I'm telling you from the the standpoint. Of just feeling like. This is just like I'm being grilled. It has to be when I took a job sixteen or seventeen years old burger. I don't think I've ever been through more stringent interview process and every day new man they have solved the murder case I mean there's there's all kinds of stuff and I really walked out of Gorham I just felt like I've been stripped naked and stronger capital into the wolves in all my god I was art program 1617 years old some of the best interview government. That seems to be the one mystic and I got the job. I was like oh my god I got the job I can't believe it goes. It was getting deep there you know restaurants rose ease restaurants may easily assume your qualifications were they kind of glanced at things in the follow up question was always. When can you start and the one thing I was appreciated about restaurants to do with that thought references. I appreciated the fact they never actually called references because. They made the assumption that you're not stupid enough to right now and anyone's name is gonna say something disparaging. You know I mean that's like asking someone if they think they deserve a raise like who do you think you're right that was a reference might enemies or someone who aborted altered to tell them the law. This is this is great stuff here from red dot com bust bosses asking this year some of the worst things of people done during job interviews and there will just give you five of them. I've. Guys going for an interview that Nike and Miller and he comes in wearing Adidas sneakers already messed him. A woman that talked about her breasts her ex stalking her. How she always carries a gun and then gave me long graphic description of how her last job at Burger King once required her to clean up move with pennies. I did not know that before I'd just that right what is it about Cain and ask you about the no cut a twentysomething woman with a good resonate showed up the mom and actually expected her mom to come into the interview. A mom. I asked another one. How would you handle conflict with a another coworker and he told me about how this last job his girlfriend got knocked up by another coworker. And he never fought the guy at work just when they were off the clock. Heyman that respect and the number one we're saying the people have done during a job interview according to this a discussion on red at least in my mind. Interview we showed up ten minutes late told us the clock was wrong to get off the wall and adjusted its tail. Random rat brands brands and they're real good yeah. And hello Stephen welcome government programs. On at all and there are cars. It's the evil attendant. You're driving to dinner with the in laws are really in the car with you. OK okay I added this dinner gonna be man. Go I how old are you. Twenty years old Howell are often. Would you say that you have sex. Every week. Twice a week. And today that's perfect that's what this study says. The kinsey institute at Indiana University just released the results of a new study about how much sex people have a different ages. And this is how you can measure up zone. Question being how old are you an off India have sex from the ages of eighteen to 29 you said you were 28 million people have sex an average of 112 times a year. Or a little more than twice a week. Told twice a week from about three times and under them and have a you're still he still avoid a week and weeks are a bad from thirty to 39. Any guesses how many times people have sex a year. Wrong for a year so what is that a hundred hello. It was say a 104. They have 686 times a year in helmets that's roughly one or two times a week. So you're eighteen to 29 couple times now we're at thirty to 39 it's going to be one or two. From forty to 49 how many times as an average forty to 49 year old have sex a year. In convert goes down to sixty. So people have sex a little more often than once a week but it's still in the water done and for ages fifty all honor so. We don't know. They didn't extend the surveyed of people over fifty perhaps to shield you from thinking about what your parents or grandparents I'm telling you they're a more ass than any other group probably via the hardest curbs that things. Because when you're retired you're too. And your retirement you don't care to read more you know what exactly did you want to you know exactly what is that like in you're gonna go Canada finally who apparently is sit in a bathtub which you vehemently having your own backyard. Hello Randy welcome to the men's room all op auto guide and Randy. Fantastic it was not a god curse on Monday but good lord in my don't know that there never should estimate that said. Let's say here what is Randy what is the dumbest thing that you've ever purchased. At. On this thing that I've ever purchased. What a great question I'll probably it was my second car. My first wife convinced me the bottom Honda Accord in 1989. And I hated it vault on I had a but I drove it to 200 treaty outlaw any account so you can hated them much against Wright won't exactly blow that I was praying for its August keep driving and I'll paint I'll just keep driving that the next thing you know I ended up driving at about fourteen years have you ever bought what and when my wife divorced him lefty and even though I bought the car. You look at the airport. Last week while I was underwent a submarine. All know why he's leaving the airport Reuters Brent Carter what spotlight exploits in the parking lot. It's always in the back payment on it and was Cecil did she just ignored this take a lonely flight out of town that would happen she absolutely did. While regulation got a one way ticket left you'll want to find out where she ended up. But I did finders like a divorce and all that other stuff the guy that's the best that our stock was in fact I gave it to life. Water from my second marriage as her first car what's. The crazy deal like I wanna divorce me Yuba you can find me act. Like well the good in that so how long it take you to record lows in the Gooden and yet and I hear about them but good. Fight. Didn't like nearly eight I hired a private investigator and eat it about a week. And according to worry is he gone to start she'd actually gone back home to our grandparents lived in a very small town and stayed all mention. But. I didn't know those grandparents were read it and actually just saw this is that. Wow. And it's crazy I sound reason we have dumbest thing you've ever purchased on the French are starting to offer fresh oysters. From vending machines no. No hope now an oyster farmer whose name is phony birth lots he's excited about these automatic dispensers of live oysters. Yanks using it all shapes and sizes 24 hours based on our. The global none fresh oysters right there as the vending it's obvious invigorated governor and oyster prices are the same as the couple's joining shop so they have this a little kiosks at the side of when they're not open starting at just over ten dollars for a dozen. French or give their oysters on the feet that it's over ten dollars it doesn't do it vending machine which no sir no way no way. Read requesting question we've got through emails on the way for the men's room amends or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. It's true. Your guess is as good as black out of categories today will be deaths and dogs we'll play your guess is as good as my renters and emails here for the men's room are meant to live back now. I head however goes guys today is my tenth anniversary we love you also be to please play some turtles sex and the now now we can't we don't delivers your anniversary glad you made her back out relative. Today's my lovely wife Shannon and eyes twentieth anniversary tie another anniversary whatever it feels good. That's great that's but not your birthday week you know it's good you're remembered it. That job that is strong man talk Federer to win a look at Hagan number they shot after my son Colin he turns the big 20 today getting you know LeRoy. And a Joey chestnut. Oh. While the show thanks guys appreciate it. I moved. A man dollars Kelly okay. Guys are managed by Tony dead bird day can I get some turtles sex with a wedding puke it may be a little dirty German banks fellas that from the effervescent Francesca. No open a book that was circulating greasing the thing a browns that got them. Joseph today turn thirty if possible I would love to hear the dirty German tock thanks guys plus maybe a little dirty German from Robin. That from Kyle and lovely Bend, Oregon. Yeah I would console from the day I want to put my penis between those that mud balls hold annual emas. I want to see we receive with you will be does it to be so a good team they have to. On offense and who opened up and on Al plants. Not gonna get them to oral sex or my team lead Adrian who is 32 years young today thanks sent from the big G easier. So miles today is our producer laden boxes birthday. I know she doesn't want anything or anyone to say anything so let's do something. That from thrill pronounced Tagamet non. Gum Google's new guy did at a minimum I'm balloons happy 46 Bert did a lot of golf bag out of every out of there. It's just it's. Yeah. Guy is Robert de last year was my fortieth and it was on Sundays allows those attic that that he loved me all the gonna please get an original face and much aunts and dirty German talk that would make my day thanks guys solo home. Yeah. Yeah what detected the Deutsche this buck Buchan bulletin board to October. Whatever data since they Garrett C of authority martial arts guys. Thank you could call. Can you also give me ish out of my birthday my name is Greg driving doubled dump truck Judy I'm fifty years old have a Joey chestnut. Yeah. And above and today as my beautiful wife Kimberly is birthday he's eleven my life and I'm sure she would love to hear a barber shop they sandwich all the best from Eric in north Vancouver BC. Is it sooner people around this and wins. G.'s daughter on this. The example is navies in O'Reilly Nancy in the morning. And at noon and. Does it ever they saw the face now originally wrong OJ gets around also my America's birthday today yes it's today and yet she is awesome that from Michael. I. Bridges today is about 38 birthday I would love to hear right here comes the dope pusher and finally some dirty German talk lovely show people of great work that from Brandon yeah. Yeah I. I just wanted to come to my house is set to my bed or leave it to become stuck center where you. If you guys get a shot up route 39 Jerry Brown the son that would be great. Analysts and turtle wax with a Joey chestnut in the plaza you guys the best that from Austin. Jessica okay. Hi guys do you go happy have you added. Yeah I've been. We have got to. Aren't I pay dirt pay you likely do. That says let's get naked death and online for your guess is as good as my collar nine right now 844999. Cola. As we move on to men's room read festival and some of your suggestions Saturday September the ninth midterm red best bigger than ever it is now means room read festival the in imply expose inner featuring out guard Greg Darren. And other down stop is we will have delicious men's room original read on him. We will have delicious men's room original sausage on him from Italy's world famous I'll just live entertainment NN. Clear what you games. And of course Al door drink get those tickets are on sale now men's room live dot com eight hours of insanity for only fifteen bucks. Fifteen bucks beat out bigger longer and we've lowered the price like musical days here come some of those suggests. Gentlemen on my favorite band sleep well citizen would love to play your men's room festival I'd love to see in their banks that from jet. Laker arsenal striker Alan has come a band could try out your mentor red festival. If you're still looking for men's Wear and ninety's rock tribute band we looked like you guys gonna check our music whereas here. Thanks guys. That from the events. Gentlemen. At a great act presents you can read festival. His name is killed joy. These are wrapping clowns out of my he's perfect for your carnival theme he puts on a great show I've included a YouTube blinked one of his songs. He also doesn't also rendition of Britney Spears toxic. Well they know tomorrow if you guys to decide to do it that would be great news pretty entertaining thanks thanks for the suggestion. You'll enjoy the wrapping class but I can I know nothing about him but I like them right. A bit as I have an idea are to parade festival what do some carnival ride. We and wherever and limited and and we have suggested this heavily frankly because really to get on rides do it's just an insurance thing. Trust me we we are pushing for that whole why not the carnival rides like a till the world where instead of tickets yet to chug a beer before you get on OK and I are back and neck battle salad. If that's not too bad at two words for you bastards bouncy castle. Love the show thanks guys numbers are about one time this true story quick aside right Ray Lewis mean at three of those iMac in Baltimore. Years ago I'm working out flagship station. A Baltimore ray Ray Lewis he does this thing once a year right around Christmas for underprivileged children Baltimore or most typical of the children Baltimore. But it does this have been wanting has with the balance to cast a look at some meeting and another guy underlings that station in you know Ray Lewis do me a break. Get him come on him and only twelve at a time discount amount to weigh in on the way out. No problem wearing the Eagles some morals to view him any Russ Kraft recount heads twelve kids go when they get through tremendous amount and around the Caldwell only eleven coming. Now where the panic if we cannot find the twelfth did I'm like I'm Matt tell Ray Lewis that would balls time. In the end the kid the fell off of the main inflatable mattress in between them and the goes up formal wall. Am lookalike although I got took a dim light. Who's going to listen I am it's 30 god and he was very. The majority got my diet right zones the onto more of a loser is a red that's what 21 years roll these that's what we're the result kids and they were pulled out late. You're about earlier. This decade and then there was a girl guys just got my premium tickets to read festival go ride and a brother. Gonna be the best thing you know the gang drinking beer hopefully smoke and we do love ordering and all he had don't do that. We won't be now. A run on that from him they're responsible. One a suggests a man's or read does hold nocturnal making him dead rebels saints star supplies we know them window pane blistered earth clover Jane another element in their paper flies I can go on and on the some of the great bands you have excellent right. Thank you for the suggestions we have a more. It is that the ultimate lineup for the red festival. I know of course the new original set to be there now not Iraq. No yacht rock please we got a new yuppie Ted Smith with a red cap backwards singing limp biscuit songs and sensor makes a lot is an employee there may be you guys can make a little poll. What's better than that and maybe some little doughnut. That all Filipino all of those cover band that's not a bad suggesting dug so there ego. I get a suggestion issued as an email to the measurement enter livestock comments are read festivals on Saturday September 9 in claw exposed there Al gardener again. Featuring that in other dumb stuff live entertainment all day it's eight hours of insanity for only fifteen bucks it's going to be bigger and longer this year. Live music all day and all the details and bigoted men's room lives back now so we wanna see you there and it's going to be insane and please continue. To bring in the suggestions we just thrown to Bryant Norman's or marketing director he's got to plow through and figure out what is exactly going to be there but it's going to be great and believe it or not it doesn't matter how stupid do you think your suggestion is to believe me rethink a lot of them are stupid Bryant he is. He's been all about and he is not complained he's like hey it doesn't matter the idea we will see evil we can do. And we'll make it happen if we can make it happen we're gonna make it happens men's room ready festival Saturday September 9. Imply expose inner those tickets on sale minter of live dot com only fifteen bucks apiece arguably idea of people Ron tank and Lori now. Hey man at your own risk he said I'll check into insurance do you think anyone can do that I don't we don't know that's my one suggest. Time now for a little your guess is as good as mine it's an easy game to play we give you double categories to marry big category you try to get as many right in that category. Before three strikes. And you're out all right Steve who has our contestant ready to play your guess is as good as mine he says his name is Adam hello Adam welcome to the bedroom. Our top. Animal and ago. Today's categories include dogs. And things that I guess do when they stay at your house. As far as dogs specifically. You need to come up with the ten best dog movies ever made. Mood which might be a tall order or the ten worst things guessed that can do when they stay at your home what category would you like to pick on your guess is as good as mine. I had. Let's do it. They're worse things just. Aren't as. Category the ten worst things guest can do these days are almost surveyed. As people to name the worst things against India when they stay at your house. And we have ten of those the way we play your guess is as good as mine is you need to get as many right in the category before three strikes. And your out of the month governor over your house are gonna stay for a while what are some of the worst things that they can do. It. How you think you bring that category enters stumbling and your first yeah it's that. I made a mockery out I let us now overstay their well. Over staying their welcome his numbers. Are 11 may be no more about gas and you think yeah. Than others. Man I don't know when I'm against like either. Even all of your food drinking all of her book or something along those you know digging through your fridge. Big Ten country people here is one bit you. I'll get number two on the list helping themselves to your food or beverage that acting so boy your Tuberville ranks. I don't let the your chair. Sitting in your favorite chair. Wow that is such a good coach OK no that's not one overall shockingly enough should be on the list. It's okay there eight remaining and you have to strike demanding on your guess is as good as much. These are the ten worst things against Hindu and they stay at your house in new survey asked people and in the worst thing against duke when they come over. And we have to them so far you've got helping themselves to your food and beverage without asking and overstayed their welcome woody you're next yes. About strictly through your edit. Catnip. Got a friends do you have. And if you have an OxyContin addicted friends it is not a journalist in the top ten it makes perfect sense to hide drugs before they go over anyway an amendment having now bridge and purposes. If that. Hey look I'm with you on that list of the last two inches had I'm completely 100% for but they're not on the surveyed tapped him on is quite I don't know man might be using your team brought does things that are absolutely ridiculous. So what's your best. OK now let's go into. I don't know aren't in the remote. Control. Hogging the mode control wow number three control I your TV or music that's exactly right so far. You've gotten three out that Denny you have two strikes floods strike the Manning the depth adjustment. Absolutely. That's the key here. Guess they just don't have yet so are very out. It'd be very easy once you have guests ovaries political level all the would you be to look here's the thing you're guests that are wrong. Have not been wrong they just have Miller is less apt to digital that's up to is so ridiculous. I mean I'm a CNN I don't know like just being around you know invasion of personal space have been Arnold mean. And I know when he showed up. And adds another I wanna. All three of your around gases were spectacular but no a new survey did ask be able to name the worst thing gas can do and a's DH her home. So. Once you got right. Helping themselves here food beer without asking or liquids. Taking control of your TV or your music situation remote control and over staying their welcome here's what you missed number one. Not taking off your shoes when you enter the hall looked up. Using the bathroom. In your bedroom all know c'mon man I'm not cleaning up after themselves whatsoever. Having absolutely zero respect for your stuff. Having no control over their brandy asks kids in your house making too much noise and it using your towns. Yes. The tenth day of the worst thing I guess I do if they stay at your home I really go in you know on your guess is as good as mine. Coming up we will I drink and tells with a shot today also the return of as the midterm coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room with smiles and thrilled Kabul drink and we will tell what his job today but first. Students and that there are stupid questions. We disagree. Because you keep us you know. Find love. These these guys. Passion STD. Is the world's. Round. Is my mom hold our questions that need answers and yes we can help. This is as good. Police said AstraZeneca insurers and they've element to our events are live dot com here is only god Steve. Question for you how god dammit I'll notice that you'll speak with a Russian accent and say commodore rather than comrade. Do you do this on purpose or is nobody bothered to correct this yet that from surge. There to date is not senators to vote from a book. I have. If the item and minority. Children shouldn't. Come adorned with my common threads that become adorable visited commodore gas. It's so bad run and act anyway that's what you feel like he'll computers are. I'm thrilled I'm curious what your thoughts on now the N word without a dad when it comes to being used in entertainment media music etc. I used to have the opinion that have though it was bad in the meeting regardless of who was using a while addressing all kinds of interviews and stuff on television listening to music it doesn't really bother me like it used to Austin never use the word nitro and at that. Consciously change it to ninja. When singing along to something. But I understand its use him black culture a lot better now. I discusses in my girlfriend she still on the gamble of being horrible regardless of user and use. So tell us what do you think. I think as a general I cannot believe this is this guy named count as a general rule over the give your not black wouldn't use it and what you're looking for a fight are you telling a joke with your non corporate right. Most of us get back. Vet said dark times are Philip looked at different artists particularly to black if they choose to put it in a song. I don't have a problem if you singing along to give out orders has not to write the song but they don't want to sing along to. And as far as hip hop and rap goes most of her album sales go to white people they know so they so cute so it. Furthermore I would say news anchor and stop they get on culpable if the M bomb is part of a subject lines like hey. This is what went down and he went it he used to an ethnic slur say it because when you're gonna quote someone if you want us to. Get the depth of why someone else got angry there's no point to say most Montgomery coal throw racial epithet at Billick drew went to quote someone. Cold but I also believe you to vote and aft mama Beckham when we're gonna quote someone on the threat met my. Anthony if you have a question brass amends rendition is an email to the men's room Edmonds in my back Dominic the subject and cement MRI of imagine during attack. So bloody okay. They're deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It just Kuwait news. You're the toast of hour. It's Saturday then as usual they had their very best against the withdrawal plan on nortel's video if indeed and today we tells the family. But 85 year old Cleveland Butler of somewhere in New Jersey heavily Mike hawk has its coming up and headlines but. I believe this is shot were being last week Cleveland's funeral was held at the melt holiness memorial park. Now as this casket was being lowered into Bagram if you've ever been at a funeral. At a point to the drop casket out I don't care. Public you kept it together to the funeral in that moment when mayor to lower that thing that is as a head the head finality of wider than a ruler comes crashing how bad that experts few times. Hope to not do it again British or will write some but as the lower in the casket into the ground as drama was horrified. When the running a foot. Of a neighboring corpse quite literally. Broke all. Bubble body in the landed on top of the casket. Well it's being lured into the grave don't want your picture of this Europe's major final goodbyes they're not lowering the casket. Everyone stay in America which Syria as an an eight foot falls from dirt. Inland on top of the casket. Act naturally they've struck over the thing a popular now the caretaker bill flawed and that his name bill blog. Instead of offering an apology misses as New Jersey as the debt he said quote. I do believe in go to net more often there are only a foot off then you're supposed to. Would bore those boos him a drink this booze because we think it's yummy not bank still over the tone it down the throat you party in art Tommy's. Now not all that it's our Iraq ticket does not live a profile that's teller and I made more far 999. Old line. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.