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Why I like Zig Ziglar

The holidays are such a huge deal, and I know that sometimes expectations are not met.  In other words, the holidays are not always a picture perfect greeting card.  We have holiday movies that usually show the comedic (A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Christmas with the Kranks, Elf, etc) or dramatic (It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street) and at the end there's some kind of wonderful resolve.  A lesson is learned.  Hearts melt.  Scrooge learns his lesson.  That's not always the case though.  Sometimes expectations are so high, that nothing short of Santa and his eight tiny reindeer on the roof will make people happy.  Or winning the 245 million dollar lottery, and that may not happen at all...for anyone.  It may roll over to another week.

Today I got my weekly newsletter from Zig Ziglar.  I started subscribing to it quite a while ago.  I first learned about Mr. Ziglar when our sales department had these training tools available at the station when we were at the Kelly Street studios.  They had access to a number of cassettes in a plastic holder and each one was a motivational talk from Zig himself.  I checked out one of the packages, and listened to all of the tapes.  I liked his down home southern accent.  I'm very comfy with that sound, even though when I went to part of second grade in Louisiana the other kids told me that I talked funny.  I still laugh over that one. 

Back to Zig...I loved the stories, the inspirational moral of the tales he told.  In fact when the station moved to it's present location, those packages were to be thrown away (cassettes...who needs them...) and I took one of the sets home.  Whenever I need a good kick in the butt (often) I pull out a tape and give it a listen.  I get something new out of it every time. 

Today's message from Zig had a lovely Charlie Brown story that he wrote, but that's not the one that hit the spot.  It was a message from Simon T. Bailey.  Here's the part that I think is useful to pass along for the holiday season:

"Whoever has rejected you this year or in times past, bless them and wish them the best. Send positive vibes their way. You don’t need the negative energy you’d otherwise incur, and there is simply too much work to do now.

As we approach another Thanksgiving and Christmas season, we should accept rejection, bless it, and move on. In fact, we should thank the following:

All of those who de-friended you on Facebook. Bless them and wish them a brilliant future.

Thank you to all those who stop following you on Twitter. Bless them, too, and wish them a brilliant future.

Thank you to those who didn’t do business with you. Those who rejected your pricing, your proposal, and your value. Be so grateful and thankful that they found their happiness elsewhere.

Bless all of those who didn’t return your call, who ignored your e-mail, deleted your text, or didn’t post a comment on your blog.

Bless the company that didn’t hire you and wish them a brilliant future.

Bless the homeowner who didn’t list his home with you and wish him a brilliant future.

Bless the boss who gave you a less than stellar review. It won’t change her, but it will change how you choose to see her.

Thank you, Rejection, because you are an amazing teacher who invites us to look within and decide how we will soar to the next level. My friend Willie Jolley says that “a setback is a setup for a comeback.” Boom! There it is.

Give thanks because you are finally waking up to the reality that rejection is the greatest gift in the world." 

Awesome!  Bless you this Holiday Season!  No matter what, bless you!  Bless you for what you did, and didn't do. 

If you want to get more of Zig's stuff, you can subscribe by clicking here.  Plus, you'll get that cool Charlie Brown story about Night Cookies.

Holiday Cheers!

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11/27/2012 4:16PM
Why I like Zig Ziglar
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11/28/2012 10:02AM
Zig passed away today, November 28th, 2012
I had no idea when I wrote this yesterday that he was in bad health. He will be missed. R.I.P. dear man.
11/29/2012 2:18PM
Bless you Iris
Thanks for the Deletion.
02/28/2013 10:54AM
I hope you are remembering to eat breakfast. I enjoyed your blog. Thank you!
Bless you.
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