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Who'll Stop the Rain?

Yesterday I told my doctor that I had S.A.D.-Seasonal Affective Disorder.  He told me that I really have Situational Affective Disorder.  Yeah, it has been another weird winter for me, and this rain is NOT HELPING.  Not only that, but when I took a vacation in December to Palm Springs, usually SUNNY Palm Springs, it rained like a mother.  Then after my hernia surgery we went to usually sunny Arizona, and again...IT RAINED!  I've had it!  Enough!  Yeah, yeah, these places are usually dry and need the moisture, but how about when I'm not there? Yesterday after seeing the doc, I went shopping on my way home and while I was in the store, a most incredible downpour started.  The noise was what got the shopper's attention first.  It was like someone was doing the drum solo from "In a Gadda Da Vida" on the roof.  All eyes went to the ceiling, then to the windows.  It was rediculous how heavy the rain was.  Then there was thunder and all that.  When I got back in the car, Shannon was playing "Mr. Blue Sky" and the clouds parted a little...a very little...but enough to give hope.  Of course that hope was dashed again and the rain resumed. Yesterday reminded me of a time when I was in Mexico with my friend Chris. It was muggy and hot when we landed at the airport.  We got a rental car and drove to the grocery store.  I love Mexican grocery stores.  They are just different.  There are things about it that will gross you out if you are at all squeemish, but I get a kick out of it.  Gives new meaning to the term "mystery meat."  Also I'm always amazed at how much Spanish I do understand when it comes to food.  The story of my life.  It's the universal language for me.  Anyway, we were in the store, and we heard LOUD pounding on the roof of the grocery store and then KA-BOOM!  Thunder...more pounding.  We kept shopping and thought that it would pass soon.  This happens in Mexico in September.  Big drenching rains come and go...all day long.  We checked out, took the bags of food to the car, which was in covered underground parking (this is in Puerto Vallarta...very civilized) and started to drive to the road.  Road?  It looked more like a river!  I'm not exaggerating here, it looked like we couldn't possibly drive in this without an amphibious vehicle, and we had an economy rental.  My friend Chris is a fearless driver.  She's tackled roads in other countries like she was born to drive.  The Autobahn (I'm hearing Kraftwerk in my brain right now....), Italy, Mexico, and the other side of the street in the British Isles are nothing to her.  She gets in whatever she's driving and just attacks the situation.  God help the car.  So, she takes off into the street filled with water up past the kick plates on our little car and just decides to pull a Moses parting the Red Sea.  She hits that gas pedal and the car actually does forge ahead...of other people pushing their cars in this instant river...of people who were on motorcycles that are now walking beside them.  She amazes me and terrifies me all at the same time.  I'm such a pussy.  I won't even tell you what it was like climbing the almost verticle cobblestone streets to her condo.  I pray silently when in those situations, unless I'm driving, and then it's really LOUD!  "DEAR GOD PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us get there.  Oh, and while you're at it, please stop the rain for at least a good week here in the Portland/Vancouver area. Alright, enough bitching about the rain, I need to do my homework and write about prayer.  Hey, I think I just did.

04/29/2010 11:22AM
Who'll Stop the Rain?
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04/29/2010 12:30PM
Erin Donley
Iris, I freaking LOVED this article... you write like you speak. That's nearly impossible for most people. Keep the blogs coming... you crack me up and make me want to "say it like it is" more and more. Cheers lady - you truly rock!
05/01/2010 6:28AM
Chris's Daughter
I never heard this story! Not hard to believe, knowing my mom. Once, when her Saab was in for service, I remember the only loan car that was available was a BRAND NEW (literally only had like 80 miles on it) Saab 9-3 5-speed. Her car was an automatic, and it had been about a decade since she had driven a manual, but she said "sure, I can drive it." She drove my friends and I to dinner that night. Grinding gears 'til the engine started smoking, we feared for our lives as she flew down the road. That's my mama.
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