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Which family?

In the spirit of Halloween, which family do you prefer...The Munsters or The Addams Family?
I'm a fan of both of the old black and white TV shows.  Never missed them as a kid, and still think how funny and bizarre they were.  Gomez going nuts when "Tish" would speak French.  Cousin It.  Wednesday and Pugsley.  Thing.  Lurch.  The Munsters "pet" named Spot.  Poor ugly (to them) Marilyn.  Grandpa doing whatever experiment in the basement.  Fred Gwynne stealing every scene he was in.  The exotic matriarch of each family...Lily and Morticia stunning, sexy, and scary.  Loved them both. 

The Addams Family only ran for two seasons, from September 1964 until April 1966, a total of 64 episodes (which would be about 6 seasons on current "series" on HBO or Showtime).  The Munsters also ran for about the same length of time from September 1964 until May of 1966 for a total of 70 episodes.  The weirdest thing about The Munsters was that it was created by the same people who brought America "Leave it to Beaver."  Well, it was a tight family unit with little lessons along the way.
So, which was your favorite, and why?  Munsters or The Addams Family?

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10/22/2012 4:05PM
Which family?
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10/22/2012 4:39PM
The Addams Family
LIke you said, I really liked both when I was growing up. Being asked to select just one as a favorite is hard. However, I picked Addams Family solely based on the memory of laughing so loud and hard at the pranks that Wednesday would play on Pugsely.I have to admit also liking the reactions of people when Lurch would grab their hats when they came to visit.
10/22/2012 7:07PM
Oh thats hard
I think the Adam's family for me.
10/29/2012 5:23PM
Thing or Cousin It?
I loved the Addams Family too, and I think Thing and Cousin It were part of the reason they were so endearing. Thanks for the comments!
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