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Bill Prescott

Iris Harrison's Blog


Where's Amy the KGON'sider????

Our Marketing Mavin, Blogger Extraordinaire, Amy the KGON'sider has been missing in action on the KGON blog lately.  I know she has several followers who must be wondering what's going on, so let me reassure you that she's still here in the building taking way too many meetings and dealing with the day to day insanity that we love around this radio world.  Not to mention that she has children to raise, and another life outside of these walls.  That's all.  Just didn't want you to worry.

02/16/2011 2:18PM
Where's Amy the KGON'sider????
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02/17/2011 7:18AM
All three of my readers must have contacted you. funny. I blogged. Love you a
02/18/2011 4:05AM
Ken Van Pelt
Thanks Iris... I guess i'm one of the three....
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