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Two Things

I can't decide which is more amusing....

1. Isaac R from my sports station looked at the picture below and says to me, and I quote, "That's not your body right? I mean, they just photo shopped your head on some hot body. Right?" Yes, he just said that. To my face. Fantastic. Imagine his chagrin, or not, when I told him yes, that actually is my body thank you very much, airbrushed and photo shopped a tad, but still my body. He back pedaled and said he just wasn't sure because all of my tattoos were gone. Nice try.

2. Picked up a prescription at the pharmacy and had to have to whole "consultation" from pharmacist on duty as it's a controlled substance, you know, for pain and all. He says to me as he's explaining all the side effects of the whopping 5mg vicadin..."...feel free to break it in half if you find one whole pill is too much or makes you feel funny." Really? Break it in half in case I can't handle a full 5mgs? Awesome! I literally laughed out loud. He obviously hasn't reviewed my charts.

Good times.

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02/01/2012 4:51PM
Two Things
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