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Scott Alexander
Working at KGON in the late 80's was a big part of my early broadcasting career.  I have great memories from that time in Portland and at KGON.  Playing timeless Rock Classic that were produced when budgets for recording were so high and the psycho acoustics and analog warmth made listening such an enjoyable experience.  Mix that audio Phatness with today’s HD and it is better sounding then ever!  KGON Rocks with a perfect amount of cowbell!
92.3 KGON, Portland's Classic Rock Station

Iris Harrison's Blog


Trippin' in Seattle

I love road trips.  I've blogged about several before.  Usually the trip north on I-5 doesn't qualify as a proper road trip.  It's more of a commute.  One that goes along just fine until you hit the area between Olympia and Tacoma.  Then it becomes a slow crawl until after the Dome.  Sometimes it will last all the way into Seattle depending on what time of day I'm on the road.   Friday wasn't so bad.  I enjoyed the various shades of green that our wet weather has created in the Pacific Northwest, and the music was perfect.  Got to Seattle and had a great visit with my friends.  One friend I hadn't seen in decades and I got together for coffee on Saturday morning.  We chatted for over an hour, and as the time for us to go on our way approached, I got out my camera and looked for someone to take a picture of us.  The man sitting next to us at Starbucks, was looking at the paper, not talking to anyone, and not even drinking coffee.  I asked him...very politely...if he would please take a picture of my friend and I.  He looked at me as if I had asked him to please yank out some nose hair, and replied...."I guess so."  No, "sure, not a problem" or anything remotely friendly.  Way to go dude.  So, he took the picture and handed back the camera and tried not to look at us.  What an ass.  I've been asked to take pictures of random strangers since I could hold my little Brownie camera, and I sort of feel honored.  Now that we all pretty much use digital I even don't mind taking another shot if the first one isn't that great.  When I was at the Huntington Museum Chinese Gardens in September, I took pictures of a little family with several of their cameras and was instructed on just what each person wanted.  No problem.  It became part of my memory.  I even took a picture of them with my own camera. So I'm thinking that this guy either was having the worst day of his life, or he was just a snobby ass.  I went from this scenerio to shopping with my cousin where we were greeted by the most wonderful happy people in the stores.  So it wasn't something in the air.  Thank goodness.  We were treated to a free hand massage, we sat in a cool Irish Pub and caught up on our family stories, and had a lovely time.  There should be some kind of moral to the story, or a point here, but I guess all I want to say is that I just don't understand being sour to people.  Is it a way to be "cooler" than they are?  Does it make you feel better than them?  And also if you are having a horrible moment, maybe doing something for someone else in a small way might bring you out of your miserable self.

05/04/2010 4:20AM
Trippin' in Seattle
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05/04/2010 11:11AM
ken van pelt
Perhaps that was because he lives in Seattle .. OK cheap shot.... I'll snap a pic of ya anytime you ask....
05/06/2010 8:49AM
John in Salem
Iris, when I meet someone like that, and unfortunately it's fairly regularly, I feel a kind of pity for them. I awful to go through life grumpy and miserable. A lonely existance indeed. I too would love the chance to snap you or anybody elses picture. "Don't happy"!
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