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Scott Alexander
Working at KGON in the late 80's was a big part of my early broadcasting career.  I have great memories from that time in Portland and at KGON.  Playing timeless Rock Classic that were produced when budgets for recording were so high and the psycho acoustics and analog warmth made listening such an enjoyable experience.  Mix that audio Phatness with today’s HD and it is better sounding then ever!  KGON Rocks with a perfect amount of cowbell!
92.3 KGON, Portland's Classic Rock Station

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Three Sheets-Travel Channel Scores Again

I seem to watch The Travel Channel a lot.  The problem with it is that it makes me want to cash in everything I own, and take off with a credit card and a smile.  The good thing about watching is that I get to travel vicariously through people like Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown, Adam Richman and now Zane Lamprey.  Last night while surfing through channels looking for something to watch I saw a listing for "Three Sheets" as in "three sheets to the wind" which is a term that I am unfortunately all too familiar with in my past.  This is a show that my son wishes he had come up with.  The host, Zane Lamprey, travels around the world sampling the locally produced alcohol and does a show about it.  Seriously?!  It's like that episode of "Cheers" when Norm Peterson was hired to be a beer taster and almost openly wept for joy.  Like a duck to water. This show has been on TV since 2006.  I had no idea it even existed until last night.  It moved from MOJO to FLN and started on The Travel Channel in May of this year.  He also had a show on The Food Network called "Have Fork Will Travel" at one point, and has done stuff for MTV, VH1, and Comedy Central.  Zane is a likeable guy.  Easy to watch.  Doesn't piss you off like Bourdain might, although I adore Tony and his foul mouth and snarky attitude.  I adore him from afar.  Zane comes across as a guy you would actually like to go have a drink with.  There's been 52 episodes of this show so far.  Hulu has 50 of them.  I must catch up.  Last night I saw two episodes.  One about Iceland, and the other was Amsterdam.  Hemp infused beer.  Yep.  At the Hemp Hotel.  He didn't seem so fond of the taste, but enjoyed the people hanging around imbibing with him.  One woman reminded me of the "Mother" character that Eileen Brennan played in the movie "FM" with that very deep voice and a total handle on the whole scene around her.  She was apparently the owner of the establishment.  Not a bad life choice if you wanted to hang around and smoke pot all the time, I guess.  So, there you go.  A show that makes me want to travel, sample, and never come home.  I'd probably get tired, but it does make me want to go somewhere for about a year.  I wonder if checking in at the Hemp Hotel is anything like the Hotel California.  "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave...." Check please!  And where is that new credit card and my luggage?

08/05/2010 10:53AM
Three Sheets-Travel Channel Scores Again
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