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Iris Harrison
92.3 KGON, Portland's Classic Rock Station

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The world keeps spinning.

Vacations are funny. We can't wait to leave, and then at some point we can't wait to come home. Mostly it's because we miss our "stuff" and peeps. I know I miss my cats too. They do not travel well, even to the vet. I should have been more like my Mom. She took her cat with her everywhere on car rides. The cat liked it so much that she started hanging out in our car waiting for a ride to the store. It was very unusual, but Mom trained her to like a car ride. This vacation was to the Arizona desert which I am loving more and more with each visit. There's just something weird and wonderful about being there. It's also great to be able to rent a convertible and drive around with the top down in December. Ah....warmth! I guess I missed the big storm here. A tornado in Aumsville? I saw it on the news in Arizona and couldn't believe it! I guess there's really nowhere in the world where you can go and not have some weather oddity come up every now and then. In fact, this last October in Arizona, they had a hail storm that came up unexpectedly and did lots of damage to cars and homes all over the area. I saw several cars that had not been repaired, and they looked like they had been on a golf driving range. The hailstones were that big. Our friend's metal garage door still has golf ball size dents in it. So, coming home was sort of bittersweet. I loved seeing friends. My cats were purring and wonderful with their greetings. I had lunch with my cousin and her fiance and that was fun. Did a little shopping. But I have to say that I do miss the sunshine and 80 degrees that I left in Arizona. Ah well, it will be there next time I go. Upon my return to work, I got a message from a friend of my friend Jay Spell, who I blogged about in 2009. Click here to connect to the earlier blog.  Jay's been fighting cancer for a few years now and it looks like the battle is winding down.  That just breaks my heart.   He read the earlier blog and emailed me that he was touched by what I wrote about him.  I've talked to him one time since then, and haven't been able to get a return call, fearing the worst.  I'm glad his friend Shae got in touch to fill me in on what's going on.  While I sometimes put off blogging because I have nothing to say, I'm so glad that I was moved enough to write that blog in August about my friend, Jay.  So, here's to the internet once again.  I'm thankful it's been a way to connect to so many people....and at times just a few that will always live in my heart and soul.  With Christmas coming in just a few days, here I am again, being thankful and humbled by this amazing career in radio I've had.  I've been so blessed by the people I've met, the stories I have to tell, and the ones I won't tell anyone ever!  Those are blessings too, but very private.  Yesterday, the last day of my vacation, I was getting  a little "Grinchy" but it all dissolved today when I knew I was coming to work.  I knew I could rock out, enjoy the music, and connect with people.  What could be better?

12/21/2010 12:51PM
The world keeps spinning.
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