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The Scorpions Farewell Tour

Saturday night at Ridgefield's Sleep Country Amphitheater was so much fun.  I expected to rock.  Hard.  I didn't expect that the show we would be getting was the BEST show I've ever seen from the Scorpions.  Seriously!  I was so delighted from the first note to the final desperate applause for a second encore that we didn't get, that I can't even explain how it moved me. My son, Alec and I are great concert buddies.  He grew up with Classic Rock, and has also turned me onto his music, so we both like all kinds of genres of concerts.  On the way to the concert, KGON played a rock block of Scorpions, and I got all misty while listening to "Wind of Change" thinking that this may be the last time I would see them in concert.  I know, weird to get actual tears in my eyes while thinking of a hard rockin' show but it happened. We got "in line" on the I-5 exit lane and it took about 30 minutes to get into the venue and park.  Not bad really when you consider that the Clark County Fair was also going on at the time.  So, there were people walking everywhere, and thank God for the people directing traffic and stopping people from walking in front of cars because they weren't watching.  This happened on the way out of the venue.  I think there may have been beer involved. Once inside I started looking for the KGON posse.  Spotted Amy, her friend Teresa, and sister April and went over to hang with them.  Then called Concert Dave who was working the KGON booth at the front of the venue.  He said that they were doing a drawing for box seats and that he would meet us in about 10 minutes.  When CD arrived, he had his nieces with him.  Imagine, if you will, a posse of four blonde beauties flanking Dave.  I can see why Uncle Dave likes to take the girls to shows.  They do attract attention.  Every one of them a beauty, inside and out. Since it was a bit chilly, and there was a slight mist and breeze, we all headed for the coffee stand.  I'm pretty sure Amy & Alec also had the $9 beers, but that provided a certain warmth.  I'm always the DD, so no worries. We got to the box seats that we had and KGON's Jeff Mitchell, who interviewed Klaus before the tour started, was there with Brian Blair, who you may have heard filling in on the morning show every now and then, and most often he can be heard on our sister station 94-7.  Then Kyle from promotions joined us. Mark Vodka came by to say hello.  Yeah, we had a rockin' little group around us.  We watched about 4 songs from Dokken and it was fun.  That's pretty much it, fun.  The sound wasn't great, and Alec made the comment that you could hear everyone talking during the set, that's how low the sound was.  We were sitting right by the sound board, and they had a "good luck" gnome on the board, so I had to think that it just wasn't turned up for Dokken.  Hey, it was the Scorps night, I said, so don't worry....they will be LOUD! Yes, they were LOUD...and PROUD...and BETTER THAN EVER.  This band is saying their "farewell" on a high note.  They are playing, singing, and bringing the show like I've never seen them do before.  It's like there's a commitment within the ranks to say thank you to the fans, and to let us remember them at their best.  This tour goes on until 2012, so we may see them come around the Northwest again.  I hope so! Highlights of the show include the set...with the drum riser for the Kottak Attack which was laid down all night, thank you, James!   Rudy coming out with the "Blackout" mask and smoking guitar was pretty cool...and funny.  Love their sense of humor.  Ask Marty sometime about meeting the band.  They have a great sense of humor.  They also seemed to have some kind of power outage at the end of that song, but didn't miss a thing because Kottak just kept the drums going and all was well. I did lose my mind during "The Zoo" which is my FAVORITE Scorpions song of all time.  I love them all, but that one just gets me.  I think I actually screamed when the beginning signature beats started! Another highlight was when our Marketing Maven, Amy the KGON'sider appeared on the big screen that they used during the show to feature various rockin' members of the audience.  Amy had FRONT ROW TICKETS and I'm glad she did.  Being a cutie- pie blonde, the camera guy had her on the display several times during the show.  The first time she was on the screen, we were all screaming "AMY!"  But I didn't get my camera out fast enough.  Thank God they kept featuring her so I could get a picture!  I think because Amy was rockin' her ASS off, is a reason they kept showing her on the screen.  Not only cute, but obviously having a great time!  And she knew the words to the song.  Awesome! So it was a great show, one I'll never forget, and a wonderful farewell for the Scorps.  I do hope they make one more pass at the Northwest on the "Family Reunion" thing that they plan to do toward the end of the tour with UFO opening for them.  Just think.  UFO and Scorps.  Oh yeah!

08/12/2010 5:11AM
The Scorpions Farewell Tour
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08/12/2010 7:09AM
John S.
That concert was truly Amazing! I would have to say that this show will forever be in my top two concerts! They really delivered an terrific show. I hope they come back again, I will be there for sure! I sent Amy some great photos, check them out, there are some really great ones that should be shared! John 8)
08/12/2010 9:36AM
Heather Kennedy
I saw them in Roseburg (with 12,500 other people) and it was a superb show. The vocals, playing, and energy was so amazing. I understand what you said about "getting choked up" seeing them for the last time. PS: AND they all look great!
08/13/2010 4:57AM
Fantastic show! Alec and I did enjoy the $9 beers but I also had a double shot of espresso so I could keep going all night. I wish all of us could hang out at every show!
08/17/2010 3:13PM
Karen Smith
I thought the show was great and it was my first time seeing them live. We made the mistake of going to the fair all day long and the kids and I were exhausted by the time the concert started. Note to self no fair prior to a concert! I loved the drum solo by James Kottak and when he took his shirt off and had the matching tattoo I thought wow that is just up there in my top 5 for sure! I missed the coffee and the beer due to I hate to have to get up in the middle of the show! I always wonder how those people drink the whole show and stay in there seats! I did buy Jacob a stale pretzel and some lemonade for like 12.00 lol! Good Times!
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