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Ron Wood's wearable art.

Being a half-assed artist (which is much much different than being a deciplined, creative, prolific one), I am such a fan of those who can just sit and paint something.  Maybe it's easier when you have a studio, or a room devoted to doing nothing but art, and can go in, mess it up, and close the door leaving everything there until your next muse hits.  Actually I have an artist friend, Annie, and I used to go to her house and spend the weekend every now and then and we would become consumed by whatever project we were doing.  It was blissful.  Her studio was a huge garden room off the upstairs bedrooms with windows all the way around.  Actually that was one of two studios.  She had another at the top of the stairs.  I guess it depended on what kind of light she needed as to which one she preferred.  Or the size of the piece she was working on.  Anyway, some of my best artistic moments were in those rooms.  Not so much the actual thing I was working on, but the fact that I could get lost in it until the wee hours of the morning and not have to clean anything up before just dropping into bed, creatively spent.  Unfortunately she doesn't have that house anymore, but she still made her art a priority and carved a space in her basement for when the muse hits.  I haven't been so good about that. I do not have that kind of room in my little ranch style house.  I don't have that kind of light in any of the rooms either.  So, when the muse hits, it's this ritual of finding the supplies, finding a surface that will accomodate whatever I'm doing, and then about the time I'm REALLY getting into the project, it's time to clean up or the cats will track their own brand of art onto whatever I'm doing, and the men I live with will wonder "how long will this be here?"  So I avoid the whole process.  I hate being so responsible.  I want to buy the house next door and have the whole thing be nothing but a studio, kitchen and guest room.  Ah, one can dream... I'm sure when the muse hits Ron Wood, he's either at one of his amazing villas with a seperate studio, or in a city in his artist loft, creating his ass off.  He's so good.  Not only is the man a great guitar player, but also a wonderful painter.  With Ron's life being so turbulant this past year, I guess he has had a lot to work out on canvas.  Pain does tend to lead to great art.  Clapton was so amazing when he was a mess.  I'm glad that his life is better now, but I think it took life torture to make the music he did.  Back to Ronnie... One time when Gloria and I went to Las Vegas for the N.A.B. convention, we were downstairs in the MGM Grand where the shops are, and one of the art galleries had a whole display of nothing but Ron Wood's stuff.  The real deal too!  Origionals! Just amazing!  He works so well with color, bringing that rock and roll passion to his creations.  Now you can wear Ron's art.  But it ain't cheap, my friends.  Oh no!  If you're a Gucci, Prada, Coach wearing type, then you won't get sticker shock.  I get sticker shock if it's the original price at Target.  Seriously.  Those name labels don't EVER call to me.  I wasn't raised that way, and I can't get past it.  However, if there's a rock star involved, I may give it a wink or two before telling myself that it will never happen, I can't afford it, get serious.  Ron's stuff is cool, bright, and it's Ron Wood for crying out loud.  Here's the link to check out the shirts, scarves, wallets, dresses and other things I can't and won't afford.  CLICK HERE! Meanwhile, since I won't be gardening this year, maybe I do need to clear out a room where I can get my artistic groove on.  Somewhere the cats aren't allowed.  Or my men.  Guess I'll owe them a garage makeover too.  The men that is.

03/31/2010 12:35PM
Ron Wood's wearable art.
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