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Roger Daltrey's coming to Portland

In an earlier blog, I was talking about Daltry's tour of "Tommy" in the UK and trying to figure out a way to afford a trip to see the show, and then the news came that he was coming to Portland! My wish came true! One of many wishes, but I'll take it. My infatuation with Roger Daltry started when I saw a poster in my favorite record store on Cannery Row called Odyssey Records. It was one of those great old vinyl vaults with lots of posters, black lights, incense, oils, rolling papers, and R. Crumb art that would disturb most parents at the time. It was a haven for me. I could spend HOURS in there, inhaling that sweet smoky perfume, listening intently to everything that was selected for in-store play, wondering if I would ever dare to buy that great poster of Dennis Hopper from "Easy Rider" flipping off the camera, and trying to be way cooler than I actually was. The poster of The Who featured Townshend in the front, but I was drawn to that blue-eyed lead singer. Fast forward to the summer of 1970 when the film chronicle of "Woodstock" came to the Steinbeck Theater, also located on Cannery Row. The performance of The Who was something that lived in my dreams for years to come. Roger wearing that fringed jacket with no shirt and ripped abs...oh the things I would dream for years to come.  Fast forward again to my first job in Eugene and the release of the album "Ride a Rock Horse,"  his solo album.  The cover alone was enough for me.  Good thing I liked the songs too.  I played it a lot at KFMY.  Then came the move to  Portland, Oregon, home of the Memorial Coliseum, where I would finally see The Who live in concert!  It's ironic that I lived in the city where The Who played that legendary set at Monterey Pop and I didn't see them until I moved to Oregon.  Ah well, it all worked out.  I've seen them several times now, and yes, even when Keith Moon was still with us.  I'll never forget the wake at Gloria's house after we heard the news of his death.  We were devastated.  I'm glad they carried on through the years and that my son got to see them at the Rose Garden Arena last time they performed here in Portland.  I won't miss a Who show.  Love them.  A lot.  And I've never met any member of The Who.    It's time.  My friend Nancy Walton actually had the coolest experience of working with Roger Daltrey when he was doing a showl for The History Channel called "Extreme History with Roger Daltrey" in Montana.  She told me some great stories about what a great "man's man" he is.  He even gave her the recipe for his favorite potato soup, which she sent out in that year's Christmas letter.  I still have it in a place of honor in the kitchen.  I hope he is open to meeting with industry types backstage at the show this October.  I hope I wouldn't say anything stupid, but I can't guarantee that.  He's such a hero to me, and just keeps getting better with age.  Rock on Roger.  See you in October, even if it is just from the seats at the Rose Garden Arena.

05/18/2011 12:12PM
Roger Daltrey's coming to Portland
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05/24/2011 9:54AM
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