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Dear Van Halen,

OK- now I'm pissed. You're seriously skipping Portland and going from California to Tacoma?

TACOMA? Have you ever even been to Tacoma? It's a crap hole of epic proportion. It's craptastic. What the hell is wrong with the Rose Garden Arena, pray tell? Are you mad you didn't sell it out in December of 2007 when you were here last? And you're opening band on selected dates is Kool and the Gang? I'm disgusted. You disgust me.

Unless of course there are dates not announced yet and Portland, THE CITY OF ROSES- NOT CRACK HEADS, PORT CRIME, MURDER AND AUTO THEFT, is on that list, then I take back everything I just said. I assure you, Portland rocks just as hard as every west coast city, and way harder than most, most including TACOMA. And not everyone here is as cantankerous as myself.

Tacoma? How about this? Bring back HAGAR!


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01/06/2012 1:40PM
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01/11/2012 1:22PM
Skipping Portland
WTF is it about Portland......lots of people skip over us. VH sucks! Sammy and Mikey are doin just fine without them! Eddie is a drugged out has been and never will be again. Of course I might change my opinion of him if they do stop at Portland and the rest of the new album is better than Tattoo. John S
01/12/2012 11:34AM
Skip "Tacky-Homa" and get to Portland VH!
Okay, VH, we totally know you have Kool And The Gang opening for you. That's "kool". Little different, some might say a bit of a wild-card, but I can dig it. But skipping the best of the Northwest to play in Tacoma (un-lovingly knows as "Tacky-Homa") is NOT "kool". If you skipped us to play a "kooler" city, maybe I'd forgive you. You have stars in your eyes, you wanna play with the big dogs. We get it. But c'mon! Reconsider. Will you please? Add a date? Come to Portland. Where being WEIRD is "kool" too.
01/24/2012 12:47PM
Portland is not quite Seattle apparantly
Tacoma is in between Portland and Seattle. More closer to Seattle BY FAR)...So they THINK that this will bring in fans from BOTH cities rather than stop twice, WHICH IS STUPID, as they will sell just the same for both cities...GAS is expensive for one...Take that out of the cost of a ticket if they came to Portland and you might have MORE coming to the show. So who knows what they are thinking....
02/17/2012 3:52PM
Van Halen skipping Portland, OR? Really!!
I checked on the Rose Garden calendar and they don't have any dates filled during the time Van Halen is touring through the Northwest, so I find it very strange that they are skipping Portland. I thought that maybe the Rose Garden doesn't hold enough people but after I researched their tour to other cities I noticed that they are playing at some really small stadiums in New Hampshire and Atlantic City. I mean some of the stadiums seat less than 8,000 people. WTF! Maybe they had a bad experience the last time they played in Portland. In fact, they didn't even sell out the show. I know because I was there.
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