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New favorite show-"The Big C"

My son's best friend, Mason, told me I would love this show.  We were talking about my prior blog for "S#*t My Dad Says" and he was telling me what I would probably like and not like about it.  We all came to the conclusion that my birth father, John, would have been the absolutely PERFECT pick for the lead in that show because he is THAT GUY.  I'm not kidding.  I have witnesses.  But after seeing the CBS preview, I do enjoy "The Shat" in the role.  But my father would have been perfect.  I'm just pissed I didn't start writing down his "John-isms" a long time ago.   My brother, Neil, and I have said several times that we should record his stories, because they are amazing...and they would probably make us all rich.  Note to self, bring recorder next time I visit.  Mason works for Warner Brothers so he knows about some of these shows because they are filmed on the WB lot.  I told him I was also looking forward to the start of the last season of "Weeds" with my favorite law-breaking disfunctional family on TV doing their crazy stuff.  He told me then that I will LOVE the other show that would follow "Weeds," "The Big C."  The "C" of course stands for cancer.  He was right.  I loved the show.  Laura Linney is amazing.  The subject matter is fantastic.  Some people may find it upsetting that this dramady takes such a serious subject and actually makes you laugh, but so far, all the things she has gone through were things that I at least thought about when I heard that I had "The Big C."  I won't bore you with details other than Oliver Platt does a great job playing her estranged husband, and I love her newbie oncologist and brother.  Can't stand her awful spoiled son which means he's doing a great job in the role.  Here's a link to a pretty good review of the show.  So now I have "Weeds," "The Big C," and "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" to make Monday much better.  My not so guilty pleasures.

08/17/2010 11:41AM
New favorite show-"The Big C"
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