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N.E.D. the Band are coming to the Aladdin!!

My doctor rocks.  Seriously.  He plays guitar.   His name is Will Winter, and I've written about him before, and the rest of the group of six gynecologic cancer surgeons who formed a rock band to raise funds and awareness.  The name of the band is N.E.D.- No Evidence of Disease. A wonderful thing for a patient to hear after surgery, or chemo, or radiation. It's like hearing you won the life lottery. N.E.D. have been busy. Not only saving lives, but writing songs, and getting ready to do a whole new CD.  This is quite a feat since they live all over the country.   This brings "conference call" to a whole new level!  They are also planning a show here in Portland at the Aladdin Theater on Sunday, January 16th, which is the day before the Martin Luther King holiday.  Tickets are on sale now for only $20, and if you wait until the day of the show they are $22.50.  Click here to connect to the Aladdin site. They will be filming the show here in Portland as well, so look good, cheer loud and long, and rock hard...which we in Portland know how to do ever so well!  Also, I have a personal reason for this band to do well.  The fact that my cancer was diagnosed so early led to the fact that I'm still here.  Their mission is my mission.  Rock on!

12/28/2010 11:59AM
N.E.D. the Band are coming to the Aladdin!!
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01/05/2011 5:12PM
Beth York
Hi Iris, I just want to say I to am a patient of Dr.Winter. Although I was a stage 4 Ovarian Cancer I am N.E.D. I have been putting up the posters and flyers around Portland, to much Portland not enough time or people to get everywhere but i am doing this all in the name of N.E.D. I was asked by Dr. Winter to do this and I was so happy to get the chance to advocate. I only wish there was more i could do to continue raising awareness. I am the person that has N.E.D. on my head in the trailor. I will also be filmed on the 13th while my team and I finish with the plastering Portland with posters and flyers. I am a true 100% N.E.D. I will shaving N.E.D. back onto my head for the concert. I am so very grateful for these Rockin Dr.s they are what every Dr. should be compassionate. I am thankful you have mention this concert in your blog. They deserve all the notarity they can get. I am also glad you are doing well. Looking forward to rockin the house with you. Be a N.E.D. Head support our cause. Your N.E.D. Head Friend, Beth York
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