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Scott Alexander
Working at KGON in the late 80's was a big part of my early broadcasting career.  I have great memories from that time in Portland and at KGON.  Playing timeless Rock Classic that were produced when budgets for recording were so high and the psycho acoustics and analog warmth made listening such an enjoyable experience.  Mix that audio Phatness with today’s HD and it is better sounding then ever!  KGON Rocks with a perfect amount of cowbell!
92.3 KGON, Portland's Classic Rock Station

Iris Harrison's Blog


My Kinect Adventure-Fun that's Good for ME!

When Kinect for X Box 360 was released this Fall, I was asked if I was interested in the launch of this revolutionary gaming system. I first replied that "I'm not a gamer," but then I was introduced to a whole new way of gaming where you are the controller, and that’s what got me…Iris, the non-gamer…interested. "Okay," I said, "let's give it a whirl." So we got the system hooked up in the conference room here at KGON and we started playing Kinect Adventures. My favorite was "River Rush" where you ride the rapids and gain points by collecting pins along the way. I've been on real rafting adventures, and this was great fun! The visual experience is so cool. All of the Kinect action games are a blast for both kids and adults. We had the games set up for our annual Halloween party at the station, and the phrase I kept hearing was "I have to have one of these!" For families with kids, playing together is a fantastic way to spend family game night. While I still adore board games, this is one of those ways where even novice video gaming parents can join in and do pretty well. Hey, I was a total NON GAMER before Kinect! Now, the kids will probably kick your butt It’s a bonding experience. Plus, it gets everyone up off the couch and with the winter weather blues in full swing, I think we all need a big dose of endorphins filling our souls. Something to chase away thoughts about the gray skies and lingering cold that will last in the Great Pacific Northwest for about 5 more months…sigh. Plus, I have another reason to enjoy Kinect. I need to strengthen and exercise. I’ve gone through several physical setbacks in the past year (three surgeries is quite enough, thank you) and this is a fun way to get some of my strength back. I have to be careful of jumping but there’s lots of other things I can do to get stronger. Now, I have Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Your Shape Fitness and Dance Central to enjoy! So, the system arrived and I took it home. That alone was a big improvement because when it was here at the station, I felt like a lab animal when people went past the window and saw me swatting invisible ping pong balls. At home, I can just get comfy and play. To set up the system at home was pretty darned easy, really! The first game I tried at home was Kinect Sports, and I thought bowling was a good low impact way to get started. It was! Then I moved onto Boxing. Oh boy! What a workout. I was dripping sweat and when I finally looked at the clock, I noticed that I had been playing FOR AN HOUR! If this was an exercise class, an exercise machine, or even a walk around the local high school track, I would have been watching the time from about 10 minutes on. I’m not a gym rat (and if you are, then I applaud your prowess…but that’s not me), and every piece of exercise equipment that we’ve ever had in the house became a clothing rack in no time at all. Then they go out to a garage sale and turn into someone else’s space issue. So, I’ll be keeping you in the loop on my progress and the coolest parts of the “Good for you” games. This is going to have to really be fun for me to stay with it, and so far, so good! Click here to find out more about Kinect for X Box 360.

01/07/2011 12:30PM
My Kinect Adventure-Fun that's Good for ME!
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