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Mikey Likes It

Remember those old Life cereal commercials, the ones where the kids try to get Mikey to eat it- "Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything!" Or something like that. It appears that I am the office Mikey. Say a listener who just loves the station or who just won something and is super excited (that actually happens on 99.5 The Wolf daily), or perhaps just delusional enough to think that were they not to bring down cookies/treats/etc, the on air personalities may just starve to death.

Station peeps tend to shy away from stuff like that. There's a lot of certifiably crazy people out there and the idea that one of them could lace a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies with just enough arsenic to make your nipples fall or your heart stop pumping off really ain't all that far off base in this industry. Usually, all those probably delicious and unlaced yummies go right in the trash, depending on the promotions peoples level of starvation. Hey, you can never be too safe, right? Ask Iris- she's had her fair share of stalkers over the past couple of decades. Poison cookies? Not sure. Crazy people? A plethora.

Today, the gift happened to be home made Kahlua. Hells yes, I say! Sweet little Annie from the Wolf comes in to my office with a cute little bottle of home made delciousness and says, "This winner brought it down today for us. Mike M. (Wolf PD) says he doesn't want it, but we did think you might." SCORE! Do I want home made alcohol? Yes. Do I care it may be laced with wolf killer? No. I love that those two wouldn't touch it with KUPL's lips, but have no problem offering it up to me. My work here is done, people.

And you know what? It was delicious. It tastes like ice cream with chocolate syrup all mixed up in a bowl with a little alcohol thrown in for fun. It is currently in my office fridge next to some delicious frosty cold Coors Light mountains. If I should die tonight, and it's not due to other illnesses affecting me at the moment, the chick left her name on a sticky on the bottle. Check there first.

01/23/2012 1:17PM
Mikey Likes It
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