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Memo from Danny!

Dan Schauffler is one of my favorite musicians to watch on stage.  Doesn't matter what he's playing, or who he's playing with.  The versitile musician usually can be found playing with his band The Crazy 8's, or teaching music to a new generation in his day job as a music a real school.  He's always over the top, and I love how he commits to the music.  I've seen Danny play at church doing the most reverent stuff ever...."Amazing Grace" on flute will break your heart...and I've seen him on the shoulders of his band mates wailing away on sax at the Crystal while adorned in flashy outfit and fez to match.  His original music is incredible!  He's also the very proud papa of two stunning young women.  He's just a really cool man, and is married to one of the sweetest women on the planet.  Annie, you rock! Anyway, when he sends me a message, about what's going on with him and music, I'm all over it.  So, here's the memo from Danny: "The Funkadelik Mayham band that performed at the Crystal with Crazy 8s is now morphed into a Blues band named Jeff Handley Trio. They are headlining at Hawthorne Thursday May 13. On May 15th they are organizing a benefit at Valley Catholic School for one of our students who has cancer. The event will be covered in The Valley Times this week. Also playing will be Speakeasy, Waiting in Vain, Chris Delucco, Dirty Merchants, Pseudophiles. Keep Rockin in the Free World," So, there you go.  Make plans to join them. Here's a link for more information on the event. Iris

05/10/2010 7:05AM
Memo from Danny!
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05/13/2010 9:47AM
Heather Kennedy
I've always knew you had great musical taste! Love the Crazy 8's!
05/16/2010 12:29PM
Dan Schauffler
Thanks to everyone for your support. The Students made $5000! From The Oregonian 5/15 Saturday concert at Valley Catholic will help a local boy with cancer By Neema Sahebi May 13, 2010, 12:16PM My name is Neema Sahebi and I attend Valley Catholic High School. About the same time ago last year, one of my best friends was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer called Ewing Sarcoma. His name is Danny Keagbine and he has been fighting rigorously since. Danny was Barely able to walk and lost an unbelievable amount of weight. He even lost the hair the big head of hair he was known for in High School. Danny is currently finishing up his fourteenth round of chemo and is feeling a lot better than initially, however, his family of nine (including himself and his parents) are fighting a new battle: the battle to pay for his medical expenses. As if the Keagbines have gone through enough, they must figure out how to pay for Danny's expenses and how to send two more siblings to college this upcoming fall. It has been hard for me to watch all this and quite frankly I find it even harder to stand here watching and not doing anything about it. This is where "Grooving for a Cure" comes into play. I am a musician and I believe in the healing power of music. So why not give Danny and his family a hand through music? Nevertheless, I got to work. Along with the help of a Valley Catholic teacher I have organized a benefit concert for Danny to take place on this Saturday the 15th at Valley Catholic's Soccer field. The event will take place from 12-6 and will have the following acts: Chris DeLucco, Dirty Merhcants, Jeff Handley Trio, Pseudophiles, Waiting in Vain, and Speakeasy. All bands are very experienced musicians and have donated their time to help out with the cause. Tickets are only $6 and ALL the money goes directly to the Keagbines. Security, stage, tents, and everything else have been paid for by donations so every cent we raise will go to help Danny out. We are hoping that members of the Portland and Beaverton community will come out and support a local boy by simply having a fun time.
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