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Mellencamp/Dylan and Family

After reading Iris and Amy’s blogs on the John Mellencamp/Bob Dylan show, I have to say I’m really envious. My folks came to visit on Thursday and stayed thru Saturday and I missed the show. It was one show I was looking forward to. They were planning on visiting the previous week, but plans don't always work out they way you want. I’ve seen Bob Dylan several times and he’s one of those guys that Forrest Gump would say was “like a box of chocolates”, you never know what you’re going to get! But Mellencamp is special. The last time he was in Portland was 1987 and it was a great show. I’m really sorry I missed him. But, I was really happy my folks came to visit. They hadn’t been here in five years, and that’s a long time. And my boys were happy to see their grandparents. We visited the Washington Park Rose Garden (I’d forgotten just how beautiful that place is) and toured the Pittock Mansion. Had breakfast at Fat City, took in the Portland Farmers Market and the Saturday Market and spent a large part of the time catching up and telling stories, a great time had by all! Living in Portland, I think a lot of us take the beauty of our city for granted…and Portland is a Beautiful City! Rock and Roll is forever, time spent with loved ones is so fleeting…..

08/30/2010 5:16PM
Mellencamp/Dylan and Family
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09/03/2010 10:34AM
laura barr
Yes........... it is a beautiful city. So....... tell me why my friend had to go and move to stupid L.A?????????? SOOOO SAD!!!!! Hi Shannon!!!!!!! Are you wearing that killer bracelet? Did you put that in your will for me yet?? HA-HA!!! I'll die before you anyway!!!! Laura.....
09/04/2010 7:57AM
Annutte Felton
Well said! re: Portland & loved ones! 8^)
09/07/2010 6:33AM
denice curry
Hi Sannon, sorry u missed Mellencamp/Dylan, i did too and have never seen either... did u hear (on NPR) the recent interview with Mellencamp about a project he's working on, going to old recoedinf=g studios and recording as close as possible to the way original artists did.. like Elvis in Memhis, where Mellencamp said the x's where the musicians stood wee still visible on old floos? I don't know how to put the blue letters to click on, but u could just type in NPR and John Mellencamp. I think. Ross says i'm not the brightest starfish in the ocean but i'm his ex used to call me a beached whale. hmmm, choices, i'd pick family over ROCKET ROLL too.
09/07/2010 6:36AM
denice curry
sorry so many typos- hope u can still make sense out of it
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