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Scott Alexander
Working at KGON in the late 80's was a big part of my early broadcasting career.  I have great memories from that time in Portland and at KGON.  Playing timeless Rock Classic that were produced when budgets for recording were so high and the psycho acoustics and analog warmth made listening such an enjoyable experience.  Mix that audio Phatness with today’s HD and it is better sounding then ever!  KGON Rocks with a perfect amount of cowbell!
92.3 KGON, Portland's Classic Rock Station

Iris Harrison's Blog


Larry the Cable Guy talks to Iris

I love it when someone who is not only very talented, but also so down to earth makes it big!  Really big! Larry the Cable Guy is an example of what happens when talent and hard work comes together.  He's everywhere.  Movies, gold records, a book, TV show, and part of the Pixar "Cars" franchise as "Mater," it all seems like an overnight success after the Blue Collar Comedy Tour hit the circuit...but Larry worked hard getting his stand up routine right, and he did radio commentary for several stations that got the word out about this funny man!  We talked about our mutual friend, the late Dick Sheetz, who was at one of the stations that had him on the radio in Florida.  He's a dad, and we talked about his kids reaction to the Mater character from Cars.  Larry's just a great guy.  Simple as that.  He's coming to the Schnitzer on September 18th, and if you need some funny in your life, then you should get there and laugh along with the rest of us!  Cheers, and enjoy the conversation.

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09/03/2013 5:29PM
Larry the Cable Guy talks to Iris
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03/08/2014 9:25AM
Larry the Cable Guy
at least in his ads, he comes across as a red-neck cracker who is likely racist, anti-government, and totally self-interested.
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