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Keith Richards daughter arrested.

Well, I guess we could have seen this one coming.  In this Charlie Sheen/Christina Aguilera/Lindsay Lohan compost heap of fame gone wrong, who can blame the daughter of rock's notorious bad boy for tagging in New York City's Soho district?  Here's the story from TMZ: Law enforcement sources tell us ... Theodora Richards -- who's modeled for big fashion companies like Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger -- was arrested in NY around 10:45 PM last night ... after cops say she was using a "paint marker" to graffiti the letters "T ♥ A" onto the side of a building in Soho. "We're told cops spotted Richards and took her into custody -- and during a subsequent search, officers claim they found marijuana and a controlled substance on the model. Richards is currently in the custody of the NYPD awaiting arraignment ... which is likely to go down this afternoon. " If anyone has tips about how to deal with the police, it's her dad.  I did like the "T & A" reference to a Keith song.  Read Keith's book "Life."  It's practically a "how to" manual for beating a drug rap. Oh, and to Martin Sheen, who said what his son Charlie is going through is like cancer....hey Martin....from all of us cancer survivors, what your son is going through is NOTHING like facing cancer.   What he's going through is a long journey through hookers, porn stars, and drug abuse which is not like going to the doctor for a wellness check and hearing the word CANCER enter your world.

03/02/2011 12:20PM
Keith Richards daughter arrested.
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03/03/2011 9:36AM
From someone who lost his father to cancer, thank you for the last paragraph of the blog.
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