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Just like riding a bike.

I was stressing out about being on the air the night before I returned to the station.  Seriously, you'd think that after all these years, it's second nature.  Well, it is...but thinking about it is just...weird.  I had an anxiety attack, thinking that things had changed dramatically and I wouldn't know how to push a button or something.  So silly, but radio folks seem to be plagued with these nightmares.  From everything from having a library filled with the wrong music, to showing up naked, and worse of all...DEAD AIR, we have these nightmares in common.  I don't know one person who works in radio that hasn't had at least one agonizing night of terror courtesy of this business that we love so much.  We share these dreams.  Sometimes they aren't so much a horror, but just confusing, and after so many shows you'd think we would get over it, but we don't.  When I did stage productions in theater from grade school through college, I do not recall having one dream concerning the play that I was in.  The minute I got my first airshift on the college station that only broadcasted to the cafeteria I started having nightmares.  Good grief!  I have no idea why.  If it's performance anxiety, why didn't I have these night terrors when I could forget entire pages of dialogue?  The only dreams that equal the horror of the radio nightmare are the ones that I still have about tests at school.  I'm in a class and don't know any of the answers and I forgot to wear pants.  I still have these from time to time as well.  Freud would have a field day with my dreams. Meanwhile it was nice to return to my little slice of musical heaven on KGON.  It truly was like riding a bike.  I didn't forget how.  Even if I wobbled some, I remembered how. It's nice to be home. Oh, and I'm feeling fine.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.  Iris

07/01/2010 11:43AM
Just like riding a bike.
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07/02/2010 3:42AM
ken van pelt
It is so great that you are 1) healthy, and 2) back with us... Whoo Hoo
07/06/2010 8:32AM
John in Salem
Welcome back Iris! We missed you bunches! My days some how feel a little more "normal" again.
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