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Classic Rock

KGON'Sider- Amy


Just Another Day at Work.

Actual email conversation today, minus any bits some may find offensive even if they are part of the Amy's-A-Stand Up-Comedian schtick and not the real me...

Email from me to XYZ:
What are my chances of hiring some FAN Girls for our Fort Awesome appearances? The cost would need to come out of sales marketing….and imagine how happy our clients would be enjoying free food, frosty beverages, a 150 inch big screen TV all while enjoying the company of our saucy FAN Girls!?!
I’d LOVE 4 girls each day for two hours. Total cost would be $xxx. Pretty please??
Picture my face right now…it looks something like this…


Response from my Krebby, who is leaving me so I'm not speaking to him as to punish him, and yes I realize some of you may not think that's a punishment at all but more of a blessing:

From Krebs to all:

And when the answer is no, Amy’s face looks more like this...

I am positively dying right now! I would post my response here, but some might think it's not very PC- story of my life really. Seriously, too funny. And true.

What does this have to do with KGON and classic rock? Who cares- this is my blog. Kidding. Fort Awesome is part of the NCAA Basketball Tournament at the Rose Garden Arena next week. Basketball is very popular. And while I'd rather see a rock show than a bunch of sweaty men throwing around a ball, I do realize many people actually like men's bball. To make a short story long,  I have tickets to give away. Stay tuned to find out how you can win tickets to the tournament at the Rose Garden on Saturday, March 17th. Yes, that is St. Patty's Day. Yes, I'll have green beer. Which reminds me of a story....

03/05/2012 3:31PM
Just Another Day at Work.
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