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It's like riding a bike...

Being off the air for six weeks, I was wondering if it would be incredibly strange for me to be back on again.  I was nervous, excited and had anxiety dreams about being on the radio and not having any songs that I recognized accessible to me.  This is the typical radio nightmare.  The other anxiety nightmare that I've had since I was in middle school, is where I would show up for the big test not wearing pants.  Many people I've talked to have this dream in one form or another.   According to dream books it's about feeling unprepared.  It never mattered how prepared I would be, I still had that dream.  Now I dream that they've moved the station and I don't know how to use the equipment, or that the music I play is nothing I recognize, or that the records (yes...records.  I'm that old.) all have white covers and are not in alphabetical order.  Anyway, I made it through the show and it sort of was like riding a bike.  I only fell off once. Seriously though, thank you for all the wonderful calls I got today.  Thank you to my friends who went to my various doctor appointments with me, brought me flowers, candy, cards, surprises, food, etc.   Thank you to Bob, Celestino, and Jose for the last part of the deck repairs at home.  Thank you to my wonderful co-workers who didn't call me once for a work related question.  Thank you to Jeff Mitchell who filled in for all that time and for his continued friendship.  Thank you to the KGON managers for having faith that I would beat the health issues, and thank you to my team of doctors who made it happen.  And most of all, thank you to my husband Marty who was the most amazing caregiver ever.  When he took those vows decades ago, I don't think he really thought "in sickness" would be what it has for the past couple of years.  So, I'm WAY better than I've been in two whole years, and looking forward to seeing Def Leppard and Heart at the Sleep Country Amphitheater!  I'm ready to rock! Cheers, Iris

08/29/2011 10:08AM
It's like riding a bike...
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08/29/2011 12:49PM
I often dream about going to work with no pants on. And then I open my eyes and I'm at my desk, wondering where my pants went. TMI? So glad you're back!!
09/04/2011 5:58PM
Teresa Johnsen
Iris~ It was so wonderful to hear your sweet voice back on the air!! Jeff Mitchell is great,but I almost cried when I heard you!! Glad you are doing well!! I can't wait for Heart and Def Leppard either!!
09/08/2011 12:09PM
Heather Kennedy
You're irreplacable, so no more getting sick. You've had your quota, and deserve good health from now on. ROCK ON!
05/29/2012 1:20PM
M.y Payers and concerns have been with you while your where going through all of it!. I, still remember meeting at Fred Myers Store in SE, Portland , For the Charity event , Food Drive , and all of that, loading the bag's of donation's when they were given to the staff , and your self . Iris You were very interesting to meet that day along with the rest of the staff from the Station. Been Thinking about you and was wondering if there is going to be another Food Drive this summer ?.
05/29/2012 1:29PM
Jason Seymour, SW P0ortland, Oregon
Hey Dear Harrison Been Thinking about when we meet , At the food drive year';s ago!. You Have Been in My Prayer's all the Time , Cause I, understand what has been going on with your fight against the Cancer , Thank God Our Lord Is Keeping Healthy and OK, !. My Life has been OK, but one of my Friends is Going through a Health Thing with her Pancreise , not sure if I, spelled that right. She has been gfoing throgh a bounch of test at Legacy Good Sams , Her Doctor is Through North West Gast.Services , Hope all is well and love to hear your voice all the time on the radio, You keep it Rocking Girl, Love and Prayer's From My Heart to Your's God, Speep and Happy Trail's My Dear Friend . Mr. Jason P. Seymour
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