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It's Flu Season. If you're sick STAY HOME!

We are a country of workaholics.  Yeah, I know there's exceptions to that, and plenty of them, but I work with a lot of "Type A" crazy people that think that they HAVE to come to work sick.  Please, from someone who doesn't want to get sick, and doesn't have any sick time left after three surgeries in a one year period, stay the hell away from me.  I went online and found some little facts about the flu season and being sick at work and I thought I'd pass them along.  It's from the Wall Street Journal and Staples did the survey, so I consider it credible.  "With an estimated 20,000 germs per square inch on the average office desk according to experts at GOJO, it's important to keep workspaces clean particularly during flu season. Taking simple, easy steps, such as frequent hand washing and cleaning workspace surfaces, can go a long way in keeping healthy."  Okay, I'm getting out the Lysol wipes right now.....and wiping down the control room! "As an expert on the flu virus, Dr. Brian Currie, vice president and medical director for research at the Montefiore Medical Center, offers effective ways to keep offices healthy. "Prevention is imperative. In today's busy world, people don't have time to be sick. It can be hard to allow yourself time to rest and recover so taking preventative measures is the most effective way to defend against the flu," said Dr. Currie. "I encourage workers who are afraid of getting the flu vaccine to take it. It's a safe and effective way to prevent getting the virus. (note:only four of 10 survey respondents plan to get the flu vaccine.) Additionally, to prevent the spread of flu I strongly recommend that workers wash their hands regularly, use hand sanitizers, have tissues readily available, and practice proper coughing and sneezing etiquette."  Note to self, get flu shot on the way home.... "Although 34 percent of those surveyed said they would prefer if their coworker stayed home and used sick days, a majority of respondents (85 percent) said they will come into work when sick. (WTF!)  When asked how sick they need to feel before not going to work --43 percent said that they would come into work unless they physically couldn't get out of bed (here, let me get that hammer out so we can knock some sense into you...) "33 percent said they would come in with caution 10 percent said they would come in no matter how sick they were."  Oh that 10 percent.  Really?  Throwing up and making no sense because your head is about to explode makes for GREAT decisions.  So, stay home if you're sick.  Or if you work alone, what the hell, go in.  Stay well everyone!

11/11/2010 1:33PM
It's Flu Season. If you're sick STAY HOME!
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