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Is it time to Blog again?

 We have a new system for blogging so this is a test.  Just a test and some random blathering.  

It's been a draining couple of weeks, mostly because of some late nights sprinkled into a two week battle with a cold, so I'm REALLY looking forward to a weekend of not doing much.  The cold is pretty much gone now, and however much I would LOVE to go see the farewell tour with Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy in Seattle, no road trips for me this weekend.  I can only take so much of my own life sometimes.  

I can't believe that Judas Priest passed Portland as they bid farewell to touring.  I played "United" from British Steel on Connect the Classics this week and it just made me sad that we won't have Halford and the rest of the guys clad in leather and screaming for vengence on stage to look forward to. The Scorpions are still on their farewell tour, so we might get a look at them again, but who knows?  

I got out one Halloween decoration and called it good.  Today I must get a pumpkin on the way home because I want the smell of carving that gourd and the fantastic seeds they produce.  Nothing like home roasted pumpkin seeds.  My cousin makes sweet cinnamon seeds, and I have to try that one.  

Happy Friday.  Happy Weekend!


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10/28/2011 8:43AM
Is it time to Blog again?
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11/12/2011 9:02PM
hey there kid
met you years ago decided to try this new hi tech stuff my name is terry its good to here you every day hope to meet you again keep up the good work hope you can meet my wife too we would love to see you and Marty
07/11/2012 12:12AM
the kinks
ray day vees not davis lol
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