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How diverse is today's birthday list?

Every day, as part of getting ready for my show, I look at the list of people having birthdays.  I like to begin Connect the Classics with a rock star celebrating a birthday, or at least remember ones who passed who were born on that day.  If there's nobody of particular interest, I dig deeper, or just go with a random request.  Call me and play along starting at 12:20 pm Monday through Friday.  It's a blast!  Anyhoo... Today's list of birthdays made me realize that the whole astrology thing is probably complete BS, however much fun it is to have things in common with someone else who shares your planetary sign, or signs.  Here's the list of some of the people having birthdays today, March 10th:  Shannon Tweed (mother of Gene Simmons children and Playboy centerfold) Sharon Stone (actress-you know who she is!) Carrie Underwood (Country singer who won American Idol and is probably the most successful winner of that show to date) Jon Hamm-(actor from Mad Men-a show I don't watch but keep being told that I should watch it.  I tried.) Edie Brickell-(Singer, married to Paul Simon) Tom Scholz-(Guitarist for Boston, genius, eccentric perfectionist) Osama Bin Laden-(Extremist whack job monster devil) Chuck Norris-(Action hero, martial arts master, proud American, and still hot at age 71) Could the last two be any more different?  Or maybe someone who reads astrological charts will tell me that they share passion about what they believe in...just that it's in two different directions.  Pisces the Fish is their sun sign and that doesn't tell the whole story of course.  Yes, I've had my chart done, WAY back when...before computers would spit out your chart on demand.  It  took two appointments to get through the whole reading.  One to present the information, then to come back with a notebook and write down what the man told me and pick up the chart.  I still have that hand drawn chart with the angles and lines.  I was living in Santa Barbara at the time, in an age of questioning and discovery with these crazy hip neighbors who turned me onto the whole astrology thing, and stole my camera when they "watched" my apartment one weekend.  I was 18.  I'm still learning who I can trust to this day.  I think we all are.  But of course I'm a blindly optimistic, restless, freedom loving, jovial Sagittarius, so I probably will always be learning the hard way on that front.  Wait...I did say this was probably all BS....let me rethink that.  I need to go consult my chart about this and get back to you.....

03/10/2011 1:00PM
How diverse is today's birthday list?
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