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How I started loving Marc Bolan from T.Rex

When I was living in the blue apartments in West Linn (they are no longer blue, and they are much worse for wear after years of neglect) one of my neighbors became my friend because she 1. loved cats, and 2. loved rock.  We hit it off well from the first hello.  Sue loved metal, goth (before it was called that) and glam rock.  Interesting since she moved here from the middle of Kansas.  She adored bikers, tatoos, and live music.  Like I said, we got along well.  She became my instant concert buddy.  Susan and I went to so many shows together, that I can't remember them all.  Then in the late 80's she moved back to Kansas and I haven't heard from her since then.  It's interesting how people can be so huge in your life, and then just disappear.  I'm sure that I've done this myself, and to those people who wonder where I am...don't you know about Google????  Sheesh. Susan and I solidified our friendship through turning each other onto bands that we adored.  We both loved Ian Hunter with a passion and would drive around with his song "Bastard" blaring from the speakers.  We were convinced that David Bowie was really an alien.  We thought Iggy Pop was one of the best live shows we had ever seen.  Then she turned me onto Marc Bolan. That hair, those cheekbones, those eyes, the perfect cherub face, and all that rock star moxy...I had certainly heard "Bang a Gong" by T.Rex, but other than that, I had no idea what they did.  Susan had all the albums.  I became a huge fan of "Jeepster," "Ride a White Swan," "The Slider," "Hot Love," "Beltane Walk," "Lean Woman Blues," and "20th Century Boy" which I played today on Connect the Classics in the noon hour.  Marc Bolan's voice was like no other.  I'm still a big fan! It's so sad that I never got to see them live. Thankfully they were huge in the UK and there's lots of video on You Tube. Sing to me Marc... Then in September 1977, when I was happily working at KGON on weekends, he died in a horrible car accident.  Here's the story about his demise: On the night of September 16, 1977, Marc had dinner with his love Gloria Jones, with whom he had a 2-year-old son Rolan. After much merriment, Gloria got behind the wheel of her purple Mini 1275 GT (license plate FOX 66IL) to drive Marc and herself home. This was about 4am. Shortly thereafter, the Mini was traveling on  Queens Ride, at the southern edge of Barnes Common, south London. The Mini left the road as it crossed a hump backed bridge, shot through the fence and smashed into a sycamore tree. Marc's side took the impact, and he was thrown into the back of the car, and killed instantly. Gloria was unconscious but alive.  To read more about the life and death of Marc Bolan, click here: Or here: And just a little taste of his music other than "Bang a Gong" is right here On September 16th, it will have been 33 years since he died. That summer of 1977 we lost Elvis, my beloved cat, and my amazing grandmother who I was named after. Losing Marc Bolan just a couple of years after I was turned onto him was just one more sad thing. R.I.P. Marc. Meanwhile, I think I found the last phone number I have for Susan in Kansas. Think I'll give her a call and tell her thank you for turning me onto T.Rex.

09/15/2010 9:53AM
How I started loving Marc Bolan from T.Rex
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09/15/2010 3:10PM
Hi Iris, I just wanted you to know that I love reading your blog! You are so good at explaining details and I can just picture it all. You have a gift of being a great story teller and I appreciate you and the news you post here, I find it full of interesting topics that I would have never even known existed until I was turned on to the world of KGON via the love of my life who continues to amaze me by taking me to shows I never dreamed of attending! Thank you! K
09/16/2010 8:11AM
Karen, that was the sweetest thing to say! Keep rockin' baby!
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