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Holiday Job?

I love passing along information that is useful.  This email came to me this morning and with the buying season on the way, and the huge amount of people dealing with unemployment, it seems like good thoughts to pass along: 5 HOLIDAY JOB HUNTING TIPS BBB Advice on Presenting a Hirable Image  Lake Oswego, Ore. – Nov. 8, 2010 – The gift that keeps on giving this season is holiday employment. Retailers are looking for more seasonal employees than in previous years, according to the Los Angeles Times. Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon, and Western Washington is giving job seekers five helpful tips for landing work in this competitive job market: 1.      Start the job search early. The key to attaining seasonal employment is getting a head start. Restaurants, caterers, retailers, shipping and packaging companies are often in need of additional support during the holidays. Start submitting applications and resumes during fall. 2.      Research employers first. Not only is it important to research businesses before buying, but also, check out potential employers online and get BBB Reliability Reports at This helps avoid job scams, plus knowing about companies in advance helps prepare applicants for interviews. 3.     Work where you shop. Employment may be available where you like to shop—and you're most likely already familiar with their reputation, products or services. Another bonus is employee discounts, which can mean significant savings when shopping for Christmas gifts; discounts can range from 20 to 40 percent for seasonal employees. 4.      Put your best foot forward. If picking up applications at stores, dress to impress and be prepared to interview. Be familiar with the company’s brand and products. Retail job hunters should focus on impressing potential employers with their customer service skills—which are "a must" when dealing with stressed-out shoppers, long check-out lines and day-after-Christmas returns.  5.      Be flexible. Full-time employees usually get preferred hours and shifts. Seasonal employees may be expected to work long or inconvenient hours—including holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. If taking on a second job, be upfront and clear with the new employer about availability.  Remember, a hard worker who leaves a good impression can turn a temporary opportunity into lasting employment. For more holiday advice, visit So, think about where you shop, or would like to work.  Best to you in your job hunting.

11/08/2010 11:19AM
Holiday Job?
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