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Health Gurus. Who has the answer...really?

My email box here at work always has at LEAST 3 "new" ways to be healthy sent to me daily.  Experts, doctors, personal trainers, dietitians, Oprah, Jenny, Dr.Phil, Richard Simmons, WW, cosmetic enhancements, blah, blah, blah...they all feed the industry that Americans spend BILLIONS of dollars on.  I get these emails because I have a job on the radio and they are usually looking for an interview to spread the news about their theory of health and weight loss.  I usually ignore these because I have an issue with health gurus.  I mean, who's right?  Just today I got one about an new book aimed at women, another one aimed at your spiritual connection with food, and one from "Mark's Daily Apple: Primal Living in the Modern World."  I like this one.  His name is Mark Sisson, and here's his theory in a nutshell:   "The "primal blueprint" for human wellness and longevity consists of eating and behaving like primitive man when conditions like obesity, cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue were virtually unknown." Sisson says there are Ten Primal Blueprint Laws - nutritional and lifestyle guidelines we in the 21st century should use to optimally transform and optimize our innate genetic potential for health. "Many of these primal laws fly in the face of what we've been told," says Sisson, whose advice attacks conventional "wisdom" about what constitutes proper diet;  
  • Eat as much meat and saturated animal fat as you want to (heaven!)
  • Don't worry about size of meals (I'm in love)
  • Eat when ever you feel like eating (YES, YES!)
  • Avoid long daily workouts at the gym (Pant, pant...)  
"Your genes desperately want you to be healthy," says Sisson.  "Your best chance for attaining optimum health and long life comes from properly managing those genes using the tried-and-true blueprint for living evolved over millions of years - "the Primal Blueprint."     It does go on to say we shouldn't eat things that come in sliced bread, chips, pop, and although I haven't read the whole thing, I'm thinking beer is probably on the list too.  There's also mention of how we should get some sun because we are depriving ourselves of vitamin D, which I agree with on a mental level.  Too many months without sun does not make for a blooming and happy iris.   No health/diet plan that's out there is perfect, but this one is refreshing in it's outlook.  Kind of like the play "Defending the Caveman" as we get back to what we are in a primal way.  Hunters and gatherers.  I'm intrigued, but I don' t think I'll call for an interview.  This is close enough.

03/19/2010 10:55AM
Health Gurus. Who has the answer...really?
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