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He's a b-b-b-b-bad mother! Thorogood rocks the Roseland.

I have to say that this Mother's Day weekend was one of the best ever.  I've had wonderful Mother's Day celebrations where we had my moms and grandma (one mom, and all grandmas now enjoying French Roast coffee in heaven) on hand to have dinner with us, or bar-b-cue, or whatever, and those memories are wonderful.  This year however, it was all about me, and I must say, it was SPLENDID!   This is not always the case for my birthday which is in December.  I am now  moving my birthday to the same day as Mother's Day so it's just easier for everyone involved, and usually it's better weather.  That's a plus. Even with some lingering health issues that came over me last week, this was a kick ass, Mother Lovin' weekend.  My brother and his beautiful wife sent me flowers.  It was so unexpected and sweet that I blubbered all over the petals as I was arranging them in my favorite vase.  Marty took me to the Frank Lloyd Wright house at the Oregon Garden on Saturday afternoon.  I've been there before, but never inside because of private functions or whatever going on at the same time that I wanted a tour.   I also went to Powell's with my friend Chris who also adores books.  We in Portland truly are blessed to have Powell's Book City.  I'm glad I only allowed for 90 minutes there or I would have gone way over budget.  So many books, so little time. I was also treated to a trip to the store to pick out some flowers and potting soil.  I love gardening, but can't do the crazy stuff like pulling out stumps like I used to do.  Hernias!  Pffft.  What a thing.  Anyway, it was cool to just point and choose and come home and plant, creating instant beauty around the house. Then to top it off, George Thorogood played the Roseland on Mother's Day night and I went to the show with my son, Alec.  We have this long standing tradition of seeing George Thorogood together.  From the time he was in second grade and we saw GT rock the LB Day Amphitheater, dropping "F" bombs that Alec would no doubt bring back to his Little League team, and rocking us like the time we saw GT&theD's open for ZZ Top at the Rose Garden trying not to watch the couple who needed to get a room in front of the VERY MEMORABLE 2010 Mother's Day show at the was a blast each time.  The fun part of this last Sunday is that we got to go backstage and meet with George.  George Thorogood knows how to enter a room...with great presence and rock attitude!  He also has wonderful wisdoms that he passes along when you meet him or interview him.  This time it was a book recomendation.  "The Tender Bar" by J.R. Moehringer.  He told my son to read it.  It was about a boy becoming a man and how his mom was there for him.  George said his mother-in-law gave it to him, and every man should read it.  Other wisdoms from the evening include tips for everyone meeting a rock star which I will now pass along so that you don't embarrass yourself when finding yourself backstage with a legend. 1. Do not ask to have body parts signed.  While some guys will really enjoy this, and I myself have autographed limbs of muscular men, it's sort of strange.  Also usually messy.  2. Do not interrupt the rock star when they are telling a story or talking to someone else.  We are there to see them.  They are allowing us to come into THEIR space before (or after) a show, and if you are too drunk or obnoxious you will then drool your bad karma all over the rest of us who are attempting to be interested and interesting.  Also do not yell.  They have a night's worth of loud music to deal with. 3. Don't grab the rock star's ass after they have agreed to a hug.  In fact don't ASK for a hug.  If the star wants to hug you, they will.  Most times shaking hands is cool enough.  Sometimes they will take a picture with you.  Other times they will even allow autographs as well.  Don't be selling that on e-bay and making it worse for us who try to get these rare items signed so we can raise funds for charity.  That is karma that you will have a hard time getting rid of.  I'll pray for you. 4. Take a photograph in your mind of the moment and the people in the room.  Some people have met so many celebrities that it is no longer a big thrill.  I have yet to get to that point.  My heart starts beating faster, I know my face flushes, and I'm just so happy to be in the room with someone I admire.  It's rich and wonderful.  Enjoy it.  5. Don't be too cool for the room, be just cool enough.  Show your appreciation.   You know what I mean.  If you don't, then don't go backstage. 6. Do not make your boyfriend/girlfriend jealous by being too gushy all over rock star.  Again, not cool. 7. If you won a prize like an electric guitar signed by the artist, and if you are awesome as this guy, listener David Gilroy, not only will the artist sign the guitar, he will play a couple of tunes on it so that you can SEE that it was played by rock royalty.  Our KGON listeners rock!  George Thorogood always gives the audience his best, which was advice he got from the one and only Joe DiMaggio, the Yankee Clipper.  Yes, that's how incredibly cool George is, he got advice from Joe DiMaggio.  I'm lucky enough to have interviewed George Thorogood a couple of times. Here's a link to the most recent one. Here's a link to one from the past. May all future Mother's Day events be as wonderful as this one was. Oh, and to top it all off, my son took me to see "Iron Man 2" last night.  LOVED IT!  We enjoy that kind of movie.  Plus, it has music from Queen, The Clash and the MIGHTY AC/DC in it.  We were talking about the movie on the way home, and thought that George's "Bad to the Bone" would have worked in the movie as well.  It's been in a lot of movies, and works every time. Hope you had a good weekend too.

05/11/2010 9:10AM
He's a b-b-b-b-bad mother! Thorogood rocks the Roseland.
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05/12/2010 9:25AM
Susana Colt 45
Don’t grab the rock star’s ass after they have agreed to a hug. -------- OMG this is hillarious jajajajajajajsj!!!!! By the way, nice seeing Dave so happy with the guitar! Lots of love from Spain, Susana
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