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Gloria turned me on to a fun read!

fitzhughhighwayI adore reading, but the first part of the book must grab me.  I will usually not slog through pages hoping that the plot gets better.  I have done this before with mixed results.   The book I'm reading right now does not put me in that dilemma. Around the KGON staff, we have a lot of book fanatics.  It's wonderful.  Every season is made for reading, but right now, in the fall, the vision of a fireplace, a beverage, and a book is just perfect.  Add soup, and I'm there until I read the last page.  Gloria brought in a book that I just started yesterday and I can't think of anything else right now, except maybe college football this coming weekend.  fitzhughcatThe book is titled "Highway 61 Resurfaced" by Bill Fitzhugh.  If you like classic rock, radio, mystery, and a book that grabs you instantly, then pick it up and join me for a read.  Gloria discovered this writer and is on a mission to spread the news.  Turns out he used to be a radio DJ, so the parts of the book that deal with radio and music are right on the money.  Thanks Glo!  I need to go home and finish the book.  Then start another one. God, I love reading.  Send me any and all book suggestions. I

11/03/2009 12:56PM
Gloria turned me on to a fun read!
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01/09/2010 10:23AM
Daniel Bergau
Hi Iris, I was just perusing your blog and thought I could recommend a couple of books with no reservation and with short description: "Wisdom Sits in Places" is a story of the Navajo practice of imparting life lessons through the events that have already achieved cultural notice. The author's name is familiar but, regretably beyond me just now. For fun in a loosely scholastic nature there is "Lucky Jim" by Kingsly Amis, an hilarious romp through a British student's graduate mishaps. Lastly, I liked "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn, a look at our species through the telepathy of a primate. Please forgive me if these are already familiar to you, and if the list seems pedantic, I was an English major with an Anthro minor. Best Wishes for a Rockin' year ahead. DB
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