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Girl Crush on Grace Slick

Recently I was with a group of women who I adore and we were talking about music and our favorite rockers of all time.  There were a lot of male rockers who were named, and I threw in names of women who I've always admired in rock, soul and folk.  Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Linda Ronstadt, Christine McVie, Ann Wilson, Lydia Pense, Etta James, Joni Mitchell, Maggie Bell, Joan Jett, Chrissie Hynde, Signe Anderson, Mama Cass, Bonnie Raitt and of course Grace Slick.  A comment that hasn't left me from that conversation was from one of the women who said for her, it was always about the men, and she never bought a record by a woman.  WHAT?  Really?  NEVER???  I was stunned. Still am.

I wanted to be able to sing like all of those women.  I knew I could never sing like a guy, so I bought the albums of women who's voices I admired, and could appreciate their point of view.  I'm drawn to strong women who sing, and Grace certainly fits that description.  

If you ever saw Jefferson Airplane or Starship with Grace, you know how riviting she was.  Every eye was on her, and she also made you feel like she looked right into your eyes, through you, and into your soul.  One of my boyfriends said it was the cocaine that Grace was known to do, but I just think it was her aura or intensity.  I don't know, maybe it was the cocaine. 
She quit touring and all that a while ago.  She made wise investments, didn't need to keep touring or doing music, does her art work, and I think she's still beautiful with snow white hair.  I never got to meet her or interview her, so she's the illusive artist that I guess I still would love to talk to. Who knows, there's still time.   

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10/30/2012 2:30PM
Girl Crush on Grace Slick
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11/03/2012 12:53PM
Grace Slick
I too have a "girl crush" on Grace Slick, she is a very powerful and strong woman indeed! I was fortunate enough to meet her back in December 2011 and she still had that same intensity. When she turned around and looked me in the eyes I was almost knocked backwards, and she held my gaze for such a long time, like she was looking deep inside of me for something. She is 100% clean and sober now, so I don't think it was the cocaine! She is one incredible woman, that's for sure.
12/17/2015 1:44PM
Totally Agree!!!!
Yes, Grace Slick is indeed awesome!!! Always was, always will be. Another woman I greatly admire and love is Ann Wilson of Heart. I do remember readin an interview with her back in the day, and somebody compared her to Grace Slick. She said somethinglike she'd rather be compared to Robert Plant. But being compared to Grace Slick is definitely one of the biggest compliments you can ever give somebody.
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