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Dave Scott
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KGON'Sider- Amy


Flogging Molly

Where do I even begin?

With last's night show I guess. Flogging Molly at the the numbers maybe but not the normal way?

Part One:
1. My first time seeing them live. Think Irish, socially aware, rockin punk rock.
2. Number of time the awesome female violinist, violinist not "fiddler", actually looked at the audience. She's amazing, her long waterfall of dark hair covered her face so she couldn't even see the audience- as if were a barrier. Shy? I'm not sure. She eventually sang a song or two. Rocked. Love. Double love her.
3. Place was sold out. Solid bodies wall to wall. I feel like everyone knew every word to every song, save myself, and the entire crowd was as passionate for Molly as I am for sweet delicious Coors Light bottles. The floor of the Roseland was bouncing like the floor of the Crystal. And I actually don't think it's supposed to do that. Insert frightened face here.
4. Speaking of beer, I had one. The whole show. One. I know right? Do you even believe me? You should. The balcony was at (over) capacity and we couldn't even get upstairs to get a beer and watch the show. We had to go to the downstairs bar, get a frosty beverage, and watch the show on the TV monitors. Mama no likey.
5. My favorite song of the night was one directed at CEO's and everyone was rockin the bird up high (that's middle finger slang, Clark.). I realize that makes me sound much like the 99%, but it made good sense as we pay $4 a gallon for gas...blah blah blah...insert whiny winerton here... the following video is not that song, nor did I even take a video, didn't bring a camera, but is a good representation of what the show sounded like. Not everyone's cup of tea, I get it. But it still rocks.

6. The show made me proud to rock the Shamrock on the back of my neck. No, I'm not Irish. I just like the Irish in general. Which is why you'll find me at Kell's Friday. And Saturday.

Part Two:
Kell's on Friday. And Saturday. I don't even need to say anything else. It. Will. Be. Epic.

03/12/2012 4:00PM
Flogging Molly and This Week
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