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During my time away.....

Greetings from my home laptop computer while I sit in my favorite chair in the living room.  It became my favorite chair almost 5 years ago when I was sitting at home recovering from cancer surgery.  In the following 4 surgeries since then, it's really become my favorite chair.  It's like sitting in a big leather gloved hand.  This last surgery is hopefully the LAST SURGERY EVER.  I'm pretty encouraged actually.  I don't want to get into the gritty details because talking about it makes even me squirm, and I've had to deal with it.  Let's just say that I've learned more medical terms than I ever hoped to.  I'm getting better and intend to be back rockin' the KGON airwaves on August 29th.  Until then be good to Jeff Mitchell who is filling in with his usual professionalism and gusto.  Thanks Jeff! Time for lunch.  More when I feel like writing and have something to say. Iris

08/03/2011 6:39AM
During my time away.....
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08/03/2011 7:49AM
To quote my favorite football coach-Hip, Hip, Hooray. Prayers, wishes, good thoughts.
08/04/2011 9:36AM
Hey Iris, Just thinking about you and missing your voice. Jeff's cool but its still jarring not to hear you on my three songs. Look forward to having you back. Sending good vibes, d
08/08/2011 11:17AM
I miss you Iris!
08/10/2011 5:58AM
John S
Iris, you are irreplaceable, nobody could take your place, they can just fill in for you. Jeff is great but you are the Tops, A#1, Most Bestest person to ever grace the air waves. It just is not the same at the daily grind not hearing your cheerful voiceevery day. Warm wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. John S 8)
08/10/2011 1:36PM
Heather Kennedy
It will be great to get you back. Recuperate in your comfy chair, and take good care of yourself!
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