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Chatting with Justin Hayward

Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues will be performing at the Aladdin on June 10th.  It was a pleasure to talk with this legend.  Click here to enjoy the interview!  ~Iris

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04/23/2014 4:03PM
Chatting with Justin Hayward
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04/24/2014 8:35AM
lovely to hear you
Thank you, Iris, for this interview with Justin. A pleasure to hear his "casual" gentleman-like voice answering your pointed, kind questions. Talk about time travel, I felt I was right there in the studio this morning. I hail from West Virginia, so the chances of my being in Portland to see him is nil. But as long as you provide chats like this I don't mind. God bless from our mountain, Elizabeth
04/24/2014 9:05AM
nicely done
One of the nicest interviews and you didn't ask how he wrote NIWS!! Bless you. So nice you stuck with his own album which is stunning and he seemed genuinely interested and pleased to be speaking with you and he isn't always that easy LOL. Thanks!
04/24/2014 2:25PM
best interview ive heard with justin
really really enjoyed your interview. great questions and wonderful answers.
06/10/2014 3:12PM
Thanks for the lovely comments!
Thank you all for the great feedback. I try and not make the interview the usual stuff, but something I would chat with an artist about over a cup of tea. I appreciate this very much.
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