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Can different tastes in music ruin a relationship?

This is the funniest story I've run across in a while.  Link to the article here...From L.A. Weekly Blogs: "Why do I like rock and why do you like country? Why does anyone like country, actually? Kidding! We kid, because we love. Seriously though--the most recent issue of Psychology of Music has a pretty interesting article on identity, music, and sexual attraction. This led us to think about why we like what we like, and how this can make or break a relationship. Seriously--would YOU be sexually attracted to someone who was into Yanni? Anyway, let's figure this out. The same study found that men are more into women who share their musical tastes than women with whom they have no shared music interests. Women, however, don't care so much. It matters little to women if a man is into the kind of music she's into. What does this mean? Our own theories: 1.) men aren't as appearance-driven as we'd like to believe. Given that musical taste might indicate class status and values, maybe musical tastes conveys something about a potential mate's worldview or ideology. Or 2) men are kind of narcissistic and insecure, all at the same time. They are so convinced of the superiority of their preferences that they think a woman is kinda dense if she'd not into what he's into, or, conversely, they 3) are all insecure manbabies and want women to validate their taste and tell them how awesome their record collection is. By the way, the guy in the picture has the world's largest record collection. He says it's worth $50,000,000. He tried to sell it for $3,000,000 and no one wanted it. In his words, "no one cares." He was the subject of a documentary back in October, and reports are that he's still alive, and still trying to sell it. Interested?

02/01/2011 1:15PM
Can different tastes in music ruin a relationship?
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