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Busy Busy...

Boy, after six weeks off recovering from surgery, when I came back to work I hit the ground running.  I'm feeling SO much better now that it's hard to believe I actually lived a year and worked feeling the way I did.  Bless you my Doctors, my surgeons, for putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.  It's the end of summer and we still have so much going on that I get to be involved with!  Cool.  Def Leppard and Heart are playing at the Sleep Country Amphitheater on Wednesday and we'll be there broadcasting before the show.  Amy's all amped about going backstage.  Me too.  If you want to join us, maybe you should enter the KGON contest to do just that. I'm a huge football fan, college football especially, and so far it's kicked my ass this season.  I know, just the first week of games and all that, and I will root for BOTH Oregon teams until the Civil War and then I have to serve my Ducks, because I was one and raised one.  But Beaver Believers, I'm with you until then!  GO OREGON TEAMS!  Also I'm an NFL fan and am so glad they worked out the squabble before we were left without a season.  Back to work, and then HELLO WEEKEND!  I'm so glad I'm back though. Thank you for all your wonderful calls and notes on Facebook saying that you're glad I'm feeling better!  Let's rock the rest of the decade!  Love you ALL, Iris

09/09/2011 12:36PM
Busy Busy...
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09/16/2011 6:17AM
Bryan Laughlin
Great to have you back, lets hope that whatever ailes you is now gone and you continue rock our worlds.
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