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Us and Phlegm

Hola Bitcholas, How the hell are you? So, I'm still going through the death throes of a cold and while I feel so much better, I'm pretty sure I might drown in a pool of phlegm and snot. I've been coughing up, spitting out and dripping more goo from my face than one would think possible. It's how... Read More
ZZ Top

ZZ TOP Cancels Remainder of Their Tour

There's a disturbing “trend” lately of heritage rockers having to either postpone or outright cancel their tours due to illness/medical issues. First, BOB SEGER (pinched vertebrae), then SCORPIONS (vocal issues for Klaus Meine ), and now ZZ TOP has announced the cancelation of their 2017 Tonnage... Read More

Top 10 Best-Selling Rock Bands of All Time in U.S. Sales

10 U2 – 52 million U2 Released in 1987, The Joshua Tree is U2’s highest selling album. It sold 10 million copies in the U.S. and 25 million worldwide. Recently, the band celebrated the album’s 30th anniversary with a worldwide sold out tour. 09 Van Halen – 56 million Van Halen Van Halen is one of... Read More

Record Store Day Announces Black Friday 2017 Releases

The complete list of Black Friday 2017 Record Store Day releases has been announced, and there are some goodies to look out for in three types of releases: Record Store Day Exclusive Release, Record Store Day Limited Run / Regional Focus Release, and Record Store Day First Release. Below, we’ve... Read More
Gord Downie performs his Secret Path project, the story of Chanie Wenjack, at the National Arts Centre

Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip Dies at 53

Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip ’s lead singer Gord Downie died on Tuesday, October 17 with his family nearby. The following day, Downie’s family shared a heartfelt message for fans on Facebook. Read the full statement below. According to Entertainment Weekly , Downie was diagnosed with brain... Read More

CDJ Today: October 18 in Classic Rock

Promotional photo of the Traveling Wilburys in 1988. October 18, 1974 – Al Green’s ex-girlfriend bursts into his bathroom and pours a pot of boiling grits in the tub, burning him badly, before going to the next room and killing herself with his gun. It leaves Green with severe burns that require... Read More

Things That Make You Say DAYUM!

Hola Bitcholas, There was a story out of the Dominican Republic that involved a topless woman hanging out of the window of a moving car. She was doing a provocative little dance for a video...and it was pretty sexy...right up until her head smashed into a street sign, killing her. Yup. Another... Read More

Crowley's Cut: The Doobie Brothers “Listen to the Music”

ALBUM: Toulouse Street YEAR: 1972 WRITER: Tom Johnston Hear how the late Doobie Brothers drummer, Mike Hossack, said in the ’90s that he thought he was the first band member to hear Tom Johnston’s song “Listen to the Music.” Hossack would’ve turned 71 today (October 7th). Read More
Robert Plant plays an outdoor live concert as ROBERT PLANT AND THE SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS

Plant - You Can Never Really Go Back

There's a saying, 'You can go home, but you can never go back.' What was is gone and while the place still remains, the feeling will never be the same. Robert Plant knows that and he's made peace with it. It happens every time - any new Robert Plant album leads to the inevitable Led Zeppelin... Read More