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Bill Kirchen-Commander Cody's Original Guitarist is coming to Portland

My friend Joey Scruggs and I recently connected again.  One of the many benefits of Facebook.  Reconnecting with old friends.  Not that either Joey or myself are in any remote way old...but we did meet a number of years ago. Anyway, Joey is always involved in local music, and he told me about a gig that I wanted to pass along.  Here's the info: BILL KIRCHEN, Commander Cody's original guitarist is coming to Duff's Garage May 28th to do a CD release Party. The guy is considered one of the finest guitarists in the world.  If you need to know more, here's a link to his website: One of my favorite driving songs of all time is "Hot Rod Lincoln."  Not only does it have kick ass guitar that is throwing out great licks, but the guitar in the song is like a is so expressive!  Click here to listen to this incredible version of Hot Rod Lincoln by Bill Kirchen.   The man not only does an incredible version of the song, but also mimics all these different guitar styles in the song and works them into the story of the Hot Rod Lincoln.  I'm talking about everyone from Chuck Berry to Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple.  Un-freaking-real!!!  The lyrics of the song are so great too.  This is the part that always makes my pedal start heading to the floor-
Pulling out of San Pedro late one night With the moon and the stars just shining bright We was headed up grapevine Hill Passing cars like they was standing still
Now, for those of you who have never driven the famous, or infamous Grapevine, it probably doesn't mean as much.  But for those of us, and especially truck drivers I'm sure, who have, it's pure poetry.  And then there's the line that could have described my teen driving years, and certainly my son's:
Wound it up to 110 My speedometer said I hit top end My foot was glued like lead to the floor And that's all there is, and there ain't no more See Bill Kirchen play live!
Friday night, May 28th, at Duff's Garage
Okay, now slow down.
Son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin'
if you don't stop drivin' that HOT...ROD...LINCOLN!

05/20/2010 11:36AM
Bill Kirchen-Commander Cody's Original Guitarist is coming to Portland
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