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Anyone Have a Spare Liver?

I think I might need one after tonight and this past week. Dear sweet baby Jesus in heaven- give me the strength to resist! Or not. Either way. I'd like to personally thank everyone at Coors Light Brewing Company. You are single-handedly responsible for my needing a new liver. I'll send you the bill if that's ok. See you guys at the show tonight! Oh- and if you don't have tickets yet, come to the pre-concert party inside suite 130 from 5-7pm; I have a pair of GREAT tickets for the first person to find me and tell me how much you love Coors Light. It wouldn't hurt if you told me how pretty I was, too.  I'll even throw in a pair of passes to the VIP section where you can enjoy free appetizers and frosty delicious Coors Light bottles! Hint, I'll be the hot blond boozing it up in the VIP area. See you soon!

10/24/2011 8:13AM
Anyone Have a Spare Liver?
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10/31/2011 3:04PM
Considering not a one of you came up to me at the pre-concert party asking for tickets or telling me how pretty I am, I guess that Mr. Burns is still correct in his 4 year old predicition that maybe three people actually read my blog, two of whom I'm pretty sure I'm related to. Thanks a lot, ya jackasses.
10/31/2011 3:26PM
Jerks part Deux
And despite your obvious lack of interest in my blogs, rest assured I will still exercise my right to free speech by continuing to post absolutely nothing of interest that will ever be read by anyone other than John or those to whom I am blood related. Ishall now go and join Occupy Portland. Jackasses!
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